Introducing Wardah

K-beauty is ruling the world. I have to admit, it’s quite easy to become hooked as they have not only the cutest packaging but also convincing marketing strategies that make you want to become part of that beauty standard. The glow, the tint, the K-Idol look and all. The only problem I have with it, especially the makeup line is the shade. It’s quite difficult to find a fit as Koreans are mostly very fair. So I am always looking for options to suit my skin tone and my skin type. So, I thought I’d look into something more local or regional. I am not a fan of natural or homemade products though because of a possible allergic reaction (think atopy & allergen susceptibility). Most skincare products I discovered in Malaysia are endorsed or produced by celebrities/influencers which is not something I favour. I did find a few that are not produced by a celebrity but I was not WOW-ed by them. The price for the products is also steep for something that is not like La Roche Posay – you get what I mean? LRP pun lagi murah.

So, I looked around the SEA region and discovered Wardah. Wardah is available in Watson but I was never actually intrigued to try it out. Until a few months back when I decided to be more consistent in my skincare regime and bought the toner. I was looking for something with Niacinamide to use in the morning to balance out the use of my retinol (the Originals Retinol 0.5% in squalane) at night. I bought the toner in blue. I loved the product. It was very light on the skin, refreshing and affordable. Wallet friendly too.

I decided to try other products under the brand and bought the Wardah Crystal Secret brightening cream and Wardah C-defense with vitamin C face mist. I have only two makeup items from Wardah which is their powder foundation in 04 Natural shade and the Instaperfect lip matte paint in shade 06 flair. I was surprised with the effect of the powder foundation because, on 1st application, it looked like I am not wearing anything. Meaning it blends perfectly well but after a few minutes, you could see in the mirror that it brings out a smooth complexion look on the face. The coverage is not as perfect as the cushion though. So, flawless is not the keyword here but tona kulit sekata is more like it. The pores are also less visible especially when you’re in your late 30s.

I browsed through their official online store on Shopee and bought a few other things. Again. This time, I bought a new bottle of the Wardah Lightening Face toner, Wardah Renew You Anti Ageing Intensive Serum, Wardah Instaperfect Hypergetic precise Black Eyeliner and Wardah Crystal Secret brightening Day Cream. Once my Beauty of Joseon Sun Cream finishes, I might consider purchasing Wardah’s sunscreen as well. Now, it’s the waiting game.

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