Sports Day – sluggish, adult version at the clinic

I am 39. I am not a sports fan but still in a position where I have to participate. urgh. lemau. I still do it for the sake of my friends, the camaraderie and all. Although I would definitely choose to just sit at the side if I have the luxury of such a choice. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, October is National Sports Month.

My clinic had a few tournaments going on. Staff are placed in 5 teams. I am in the blue team. Some of the games we had included badminton, volleyball, netball, ping pong, congkak, carrom and Explorace. We were in 4th place, overall. The closing ceremony was yesterday. And we had a blast. I had lots of kambing golek.

I feel that the blue team could improve more on leadership next year. We were a boat sailing without a proper captain. Perhaps then members could give their cooperation and participate more next time round. Since this will probably happen again next year, might as well practice ping pong for next year.

This is me enjoying the song. I love dancing. And singing. That’s more of my thing. Than sports. Ha ha.

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