Creating the Cantik Face

The only person who keeps saying I am pretty right now is my daughter. Ha ha ha. So, alhamdulillah for this daughter bestowed upon me. Without her, I’d probably be fishing for compliments on social media.

Mummy cantik

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it can be created and maintained. Lately, I have been engrossed in those fast-paced Chinese vlogs on Youtube. The genre is where they have all the exciting and cute gadgets. They’re usually a compilation of TikTok videos (maybe?) portraying females going about their daily routine in the house with the help of these items. The videos are entertaining to watch. I also enjoy watching the ASMR makeup removal videos or skincare regimes videos. One of the funnier ones is Jannatul Mitsuisen. I wonder if that is her name or if it means something else.

Consistency is key

I have been very consistent with my moisturizer, sunscreen and retinol since November last year. It was one of the most significant changes to my skincare habits as I remembered purchasing my first retinol from The Originals. With time, I discovered that there are a lot of reputable brands not only from Korea but also from the States. The thing is, I have only one face. Even the small bottle of retinol lasts me for at least 8 months as the advice is to use a pea-sized amount on the face. I don’t know how the beauty influencers get through theirs so fast. Or maybe they’re the type who just purchases everything.

I am also doing double cleansing. With the oil or the balm before I use the usual foam cleanser. I always have something in my Shopee Cart waiting to be checked out as I scroll through various recommendations on Instagram reels.

My late mum really loved the ginseng based product I bought for her from Body Shop a few years ago. I tried the Red Ginseng mask from EKEL, 3W CLINIC and Innisfree. It seems that Red Ginseng across the brands all leaves the skin feeling fresh and not sticky. I am considering to get the Ginseng toner from Beauty of Joseon end of the year.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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