2025, ARMY assemble

BTS had a free concert in Busan a few weeks ago. It was aired LIVE on WEVERSE, with almost 47M fans from around the world tuning in. That is a massive impact on the SK entertainment industry. This is a country that relies on talent to generate money as opposed to other forms of income.

I didn’t watch it though. I guess I wasn’t feeling up to it at the time. I’d probably watch the recordings of it on BangtanTV. Heard it was a great concert. Well, I wouldn’t expect less.

Afterwards, the fandom received news that Jin will not only release his solo album but also withdraw his application to extend his enlisting services. I honestly think that it is the greatest move any young, successful, role model would do. To answer to his duty of calling and serving his nation. The rest of the members will follow suit as deemed suitable to their personal timing. The great news is, we know, they will reconvene as BTS in their prime age, in the year 2025.

2025 is roughly 3 years from now.

By that time, InsyaAllah I would have graduated with a psychology degree and probably embarked on my Master’s journey. Perhaps in my final year or something. In short, all ARMY should make it a period of time where they also improve as individuals doing their best in life. Namjoon would be proud.

Forever, we are young

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