Double cleansing

This was something I just discovered this year. The idea is to clean your face with two different cleansers preferably one of them being oil or a balm and the other being your usual cleanser. This ensures that all the particles from your makeup product or sunscreen are removed thoroughly. For this nightly ritual, I am using these products.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Vanilla

IM UNNY facial wash

SKII facial wash

I don’t use all at the same time but I apply them interchageably. Sometimes I’d use the rice water + im unny combo or rice water + SKII – whichever is to my liking at the time.

At first I was skeptic about this new beauty trend but I soon realized that it does work to remove all impurities undetected with the na-ked eye. I was using this new day cream and I was really confident that I had it all removed for my Zuhur prayers. This is because I have washed it with normal soap and I did not feel or see any obvious residue of the cream. Later in the evening as I returned home and showered, I was surprised to see that the moment I put on the oil, the product of my day cream somehow appeared, it was so white and bright and mixed with the oil. I washed it off and used my other cleanser for the second facial wash.

In a way, I was shocked by the fact that double cleansing is necessary. Ah the same time, it made me wary of the ingredients in my new day cream. Needless to say, I threw the product in the bin as I was worried that it may have suss ingredients. It’s like I know that, that is the original purpose of double cleansing but compared to other products I’ve used, it’s just strikingly in excess to be removed with the oil/balm. It made me wonder if I didn’t apply the face oil first, I wouldn’t know that there are some products still sitting stealthily under the surface of my skin. Perhaps it’s part of the ‘glow’ effect but still……

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