Happy Birthday Haneem

They say when God gives you (a mom) a daughter, it’s His way of saying, “Hey, I thought you would need a best friend”. Of course, Allah knows best and if we trust Him enough, whatever things have been bestowed upon us are a blessing. Alhamdulillah.

Indeed, I couldn’t ask for more. So much so that I have decided to complete my family. Meaning no more pregnancies. With my current husband. Ha ha.

My daughter wanted a Frozen cake. I didn’t like the idea of having a Vanilla and Blueberry cake, but I bought it anyway since it was the cake she wanted. I am aware that it doesn’t taste delicious cause chocolate rules birthday cakes but it is her cake, so be it. I wanted to get the polkadot apam for her friends at school but the bakery was out of it. So, I bought mini banana chocolate cupcakes instead. I plan to heat them up the next morning in the oven and then layer it like a proper cake. At least her 40 friends in kindergarten can have a taste of the cupcake.

For presents, I gave my daughter a few day and night outfits. She got a stuffed unicorn from the dad. And nothing from the brother. gosh, brotherssss..

She loved it all and politely said a Thank You.

I hope in the event that Allah decides to take me away before her, she will remember me as the Mummy who celebrates her birthday with a song, a cake and a hug good night in bed.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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