World AIDS Day 2022

Last Friday, our HIV team organized a staff CME and Tabata exercise to commemorate WAD. My team leader was excited to have a balloon arch for the ceremony. I wasn’t keen as we don’t have many team members to execute the task. It’s not like we have a multidisciplinary team to lend muscles for the project. Anyhow, I am a very supportive team member. We went ahead with the idea and I enlisted the help of other people outside the team.

I was distraught with the ribbon. The task was delegated to this one person and I was honestly flabbergasted to note that the ribbon was not ready on the morning of the CME. You had ONE JOB to do and yet YOU fail to execute it. The reason, baru dapat glue gun. SHITty reason. If it was entirely up to me, I would have settled everything before we started the ceremony. Can you imagine how I felt when I saw that the ribbons were less than 20 pieces?

Putting that aside, I delivered my CME and joined the TABATA. It was fun. Looking forward to next year’s targets.

The TABATA session

My talk was about the history of AIDS and an explanation of the current theme: EQUALIZE

I find it challenging to ensure that while providing care to members of the key population, it is in line with my faith as well. I have to learn to use the correct vocabulary so it will not appear discriminating but not condoning the act as well. Finding that safe line between treating and protecting at the same time.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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