Of passing exams …

My colleague and I passed our skills exam recently. The questions were not leaked like the recent UPSR paper thus the success felt more sweet and deserving. We studied diligently for the theory and practical aspect of the exam – we pooled our resources and shared what we knew with each other. All this for an exam of a 1 day course. 1 day theory, next day exam. Ha ha. Even Mr Husband was impressed that I was reading something serious. LOL.

“Omg.. I can’t believe my wife is studying … you haven’t opened a proper book for two years!!”

Yes, his exact words in his sarcastic, sing-song tone. Ahem.. I have been opening my books in between traffic light stops okay..

terpaksa belajar takut fail then malu dgn haousemen

On my part I did not feel the need to hide any extra information – I never was the type who would do that anyway because I honestly think that there is nothing to lose by sharing the ‘extras’ that we have. In fact, the more we share.. the easier it is to achieve a certain goal  – in this case, saving a patient’s life – because we are all thinking along the same line of thought.

While some advocate for an exam-free environment, I for one is a strong supporter for the implementation of a formal exam to gauge one’s competence in skills and theory. An exam should not be the sole measure of one’s ability though, and should be supported by ongoing informal observation of one’s character and interaction with others in his/her daily duties. At least that is what Pan-Ro in Good Daughter, Hana (Korean drama) thinks. And I agree.

Nevertheless, the passing or scoring on an exam is not to give one a reason to gloat over the success. It should in fact serve as a reminder that many aspects come into play to get such good results – hard work, smart play and team effort. On top of reinforcing the knowledge that we thought we have and is doing it right and safe.

Now that I’ve passed – I feel more confident to guide my colleagues who didn’t have the chance to participate in the course. At least I can say without doubt,

” aku dah belajar canne nak buat from specialist – come I teach you and we learn the proper way ”