The gifts for 2022 bday

The collab, Bad Decisions was released on my birthday. I had thought that Agust D would drop his track this month but no.. it did not happen. I think there was a VLive sometime last month where Namjoon said he will release his album in the near future. Earlier than Agust D? Anyway, I will take Bad Decisions as a bday gift from bangtan to ARMY’s celebrating birthdays on that day.

Speaking of songs, sometimes… when I need to raise my self-esteem or something, I’ll stream Prince’s song – The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. The birthday celebration is ongoing for a month. LOL. My husband gave me 2 sets of Elianto products. One is a makeup set and the other one is a beautiful selection of perfumes, body mists and EDTs. Enough to keep me fragrant until next year. I Superlove them all. They smell so nice! I need to declutter my old, expired makeup products and clear my vanity again. The collection of skincare and makeup items is growing!

I’ll make a blog series called ‘On my vanity’ soon. Kind of to share what’s on my mini dresser.

I gifted myself a tower of books this year. The initial list was longer but I restrained myself from going crazy with the carts in Shopee. Plus, I still have a TBR list on my Google Playbook.

Remember last year how I have this new friend out of the blue? This year, this friend also sent me the gift of energy. I received Zus coffee and a pandan cheesecake. The friend was worried that I wouldn’t like the selection but I told the friend that I loved Zus Coffee products, so it’s totally fine!

August and September will be interesting months as we head towards the National Sports Day celebration. There will be games and mini leagues in the following weeks.


Tumblers as birthday gifts

I initially bought this tumbler for myself because I wanted to drink more water at home. Water that remains cool for a very long time. This is of course no ordinary tumbler because it is one of those subtle BTs merchandise that ahem, represents Suga. It was a collaboration between BTS x Built NY. I bought it from Shopee Malaysia for RM164.50 including postage. It took about 2 weeks to arrive as it was shipped directly from South Korea.

I loved this product and have been using it daily for my cold drinks. I sip my drinks using the blue straw I purchased from Zus Coffee.

My husband saw the tumbler. I don’t think he knows it’s a BTS thing but he seemed to be interested in it. And so I bought him a tumbler too but from the Stanley x Starbucks collection for his birthday this year. It was in navy blue with a straw. It is made from stainless steel making it a good choice to hold both his hot and cold beverages during the long hours at work in the office and on the field. Seems that he loved it loads and have been ‘showing it off’ on his table and all. Didn’t know it would mean so much, to gift a tumbler to a grown man.