Book Review : Being a Quran Tag Girl by Ayesha Syahira






Ayesha Syahira is a graduate of accountancy but eventually found love in spreading dakwah and pursue her dreams of becoming the next Yasmin Mogahed of Malaysia. She is well known in social media as the Quran Tag Girl.

Published by Iman Publication Sdn Bhd. 2nd print April 2019. 

I finished this book in 2 days. I could have done it in one if I didn’t have to fold my two fortresses of laundry. The book was written in simple English (thank goodness) cause I find it easier to study or read Islamic matters in bahasa. In this piece, the author was very straightforward in her approaches on how to basically make Quran your BFF. I find her methods reasonable and practical at the same time. 

I suggest on top of reading her book, you might want to attend one of her Quran Tagging Workshops for that extra feel of appreciation. Only then, you would be able to embrace this wonderful personality whole heartedly and make your own personal journey learning the Quran. 

I purchased this in Popular bookstore for RM 28.00 and I believe it is also something you could purchase online. 


What I gained from the book?

A sense of clarity. Renewed motivation to not only recite the Quran daily but also relearn the stories in the Quran. It is after all a manual for us to live by 24 hours a day. I also couldn’t help noticing that the author loves stationery as much as I do and that she keeps planners and journals! Gosh, planner girls are definitely made to achieve great things in life. 

With regards to the quote above, I can assure you that it happens to me and maybe for everybody else when they say Allah speaks to you through the Quran. It may seem to be a coincidence but Allah knows best. For sometimes when I am in despair or when looking for answers to a puzzle, as I read the Quran, I would always 100% find an aayah of advice or solution concerning the matter I had for the day. If not, an idea from the aayahs I read for the day. Imagine if I am consistent and recite it on a daily basis, would not my life be proper and blessed as I follow the words of Allah.



Never too late to find Allah … again


Read in the name of your Lord Who created. He created man from a clot.Read and your Lord is Most Honorable, Who taught (to write) with the pen.  Taught man what he knew not

I wouldnt really say that life has been uninspiring lately. In fact, daily living has been quite a spur having forged new friendships, made new discoveries et cetera. My problem is time. No, to be precise.. lack of privacy. I find it hard to blog with the presence of Mr Husband or Baby Zeeq over my shoulders or lazing at a couch nearby.

Over the past few months, a lot of things have happened. Both happy and sad. Yet both experiences serve to spice up human interactions in everyday life.

Perhaps the most significant moment is when I stumbled upon an article in a blog through a link shared by one of my friends. It was about how as a woman, we can make our relationship with Allah through the Quran more meaningful and connected.

Technically if you love something badly, you would want to keep it close, within your arms reach. Always There, Everytime. The article mentioned promptly of how convenient it was to get any favourite (cute) Quran of your choice and treat it like an important medical textbook. Highlight interesting verses, jot down useful phrases, stick in colourful sticky notes and others. The author, a lovely lady made it look so simple and doable.

Thus, I am inspired.

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Immediately I went to a nearby store which sells ‘Buku -Buku Islam’ and Alhamdulilah.. found a particular Quran with translations that I have been dying to get my hands on. The Rainbow Quran. And its cover was PINK!! On top of that, it was on sale for only MYR 80. I bought it without hesitation and got a more masculine copy of a tafsir for Mr Husband. I hope to purchase more of this Rainbow Quran during my next store visit so I could give it to my MIL, SIL and best buddies.

Insya-Allah, my journey to rediscover Islam and its beauty just as how it was for me during student times will be re-enacted. We are all never too late for religion. Ameen..