SmartLife : Knowing different diet regimes … a learning journal

Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose – Karl Lagerfeld

The Atkins diet, Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), low GI diet, going ‘Paleo’ are all commercialized dieting regimes which I came to know of prior to being involved in the Smartlife programme. Now that Im selected as a peer coach, I seem to have cultivated a renewed interest in exploring about nutrition and exercise.

A few days ago, moms around the world portrayed mixed reactions to a selfie photo posed by Carolina Berg Erikson – a Norwegian footballers wife who is a fitness instructor herself. While some seemed to wage a war against her for being ‘insensitive’, there were some who gave her a pat on the back for her sense of achievement.

Credit : Femalefirst.Co.Uk

I was one of them who would say,‘Well done’. Though I do not appreciate having a photo of her flat tummy shoved to the face, I was incredibly curious as to to how she managed to shed the baby weight in a short period of time. That was also the first time I heard about going on a Low Carb High Fat diet. As advocated by momma Carolina herself.

The Diet Doctor blog summarized it well. And illustrated perfectly the safety aspects of this diet. It boasts of not having to count the calories but I suppose the bottomline of it all is : NO RICE/PASTA/BIHUN/MEE KUNING. 

Urgh. Tough.

Still, Momma Carolina was able to gain weight in a healthy way throughout her pregnancy.

Thus, I am inspired.

I hope to do the same in my next pregnancy.