Kuching 2022: Food Glorious Food

I had this intense craving for Bing. Especially their chicken panini and coffee latte. Perhaps it’s the sauce, the mustard? Or the right amount of crunch to it. We don’t have Bing in Melaka but we do have Bing in Kuching. I missed it so much that as soon as we landed, I ordered it via Grabfood and had it delivered to the hotel. We devoured it straight up after checking into our room. In a way, this was to give my husband a glimpse of what I liked during housemanship, during my lunch ‘dates’ or weekend ‘dates’ with Stella. The taste, amazingly even after more than a decade is still the same.

Of course, it is not a visit to Kuching if you don’t go to Topspot. How can you skip Topspot?


As usual, it is Shop No 25. The evergreen menu is midin belacan, ambal kari, udang (shrimp) Nestum, bawal 3 rasa, oyster egg and salted egg crabs. We ordered a bit too much fruit juice. If you order a large jug, it is actually enough for 10 adults to have at least 2-3 standard glasses each. It is that much.


This is my first time coming here. My dad loved it so much. He ordered at least 10 dishes from mixed vegetables, prawns, squids, crabs, chicken and all. We were so full.


It doesn’t matter which shop you want to get it from. Just try it. It is no longer a Sarawak delicacy though cause we’ve got brands sprouting in Semenanjung. I particularly enjoyed the ice cream Mokti which is available in Melaka.


I had the nasi goreng dabai and ‘sirap’ which is a different cordial from the ones you get in Semenanjung. In Kuching they use the Grenadine cordial.


I used to enjoy Madam Tang’s Laksa at Spring Mall. I haven’t been there for a while so I am not quite sure if it still exists. Mom’s Laksa is not bad either. The broth is kids friendly meaning it is not that spicy or too herbal. Foreign tourists would enjoy it I think. Here, you not only can order Laksa Sarawak but you could also order Mee Kolok.


The breakfast here is great. Of course it is the usual Laksa Sarawak, Mee Kolok, Mi POk, Mee Jawa! In the afternoon they have nasi campur. At night, they are open for the goreng2 dishes.

Special mentions

Lok Thian (thai restaurant), Rumah Hijau and Singapore Chicken rice. I mean there’s probably more but I’d have to stay in Kuching to be able to sample it all. Ha ha ha.

5 go to meals I love

I love August. Everyday feels like a gift. it’s a month to reflect on myself and getting to know about myself better. So, today is about food. It’s hard to answer people when they ask, “What is your favourite food?”. I just eat. And be thankful for it. So I had a think about it before coming up with this list. It’s the type of meal that if say, we go out for fun and the waiter needs to get the order, a.s.a.p – it is safe to order for me these meals.

1. Pasta

I actually loved the arabiatta I had at the cafeteria during my uni years in Manchester. It’s an unforgettable taste. Here, the arabiatta taste different. So, I am quite happy with a spaghetti bolognese or a non spicy aglio olio. Carbonara is not my go to meal but I’d still have it if someone ordered it for me. The best ones are prepared by my mother of course. The sauce is just wonderful. Tak jumpa kat mana2.

Photo by Angele J on Pexels.com

2. Tomyam

The best commercial tomyams I super love are the ones from Black Canyon and Johnny. The stalls ones are good too but sometimes it gets too spicy. Tomyam can come in red or clear broth. I have no particular preference.

Photo by Lovefood Art on Pexels.com

3. McD

In particular a Double Cheese Burger Meal (fries + sprite). I would occasionally get the chicken porridge meal too. I love the McCafe options too. A latte with the chocolate or red velvet cake!

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

4. Japaneses and Korean dish (not spicy ones)

There is this restaurant called Sukiya that serves japanese food. The gyudon bowl with 3 cheese is superb. Add on the karaage chicken or edamame is just ‘chef’s kiss’. A korean dish equivalent would be something called bulgogi. Love it because it is not spicy. I also love the Korean dish called Japchae. sebab tak pedas.

This is japchae. Photo by chudesabyvaut on Pexels.com

5. Laksa

Laksa Johor. The best are the ones my friend make.

Laksa Sarawak. Either Madam Tang or MOM’s Laksa (the kedai one). I am beginning to like the one available in Melaka too. At that restaurant called Kolok vs Laksa. I wonder if it still exists.

Laksa Utara. This one is tough. The best ones are home made (by somebody else.. ha ha). I love the ones with very fishy broth but not spicy.

reminiscing the times we could travel and go for holiday in langkawi 🙂