Kuching 2022: Onboard MAS

The last time we returned to Kuching, Sarawak was before the covid19 pandemic. It used to be an annual trip. I have recorded my anecdotes on those old trips in the travelogue tab.

I submitted my WPUA application for the trip two months in advance as it has to go through the main office. I also booked in the group’s ‘leave diary’ as a heads-up to my colleagues. Once the application had gone through, I submitted my leave to my boss for approval.

It’s been a while using Malaysia Airlines but I am very delighted that all members of my family get a 40kg baggage allowance to and fro. We left Melaka as early as 730am and drove to Salak Tinggi. Again, for the Park and Ride services. The overnight parking rate is RM5. The daytime-only parking rate is RM3 (certain hours apply). There, we took the KLIA transit train to KLIA. I checked in online the night before. Therefore, I only had to print out our baggage tags at the airport and drop them off. Even then, there was still a queue we had to follow.

My plane was the one with inflight entertainment on board. The kids really loved their headsets and they were excited to choose their own movie. The meal was weird though. It was a choice between chicken gochujang and fish sweet sour. I chose the fish because I was not familiar with the gochujang dish. I did not want to end up finishing my kids’ meals if they do not like them. The options were better on our way back as they had garlic fish and chicken rendang. The flight was about 1h 40 mins from KLIA to Kuching.

We rented a Bezza upon arrival at the airport. It was a pre-arranged thing and the car was new. Husband knew the way around Kuching because well… he used to work here. So, driving around isn’t really a problem for us.

As for accommodation, this year we stayed at Lime Tree Hotel (again) and that is another entry.

My tickets to ‘balik kampung’ is finally here

I picked up my flight tickets from The Office yesterday. This year we will be using Malaysia Airlines instead of Air Asia for our annual trip back to Kuching. I purposely made arrangements to go back a week after the actual Eid dates so that;

  1. I could serve the community by being oncall on a festive season. Furthermore, the nurses and medical assistants always bring marvelous Raya food and dishes to work. HA HA HA.
  2. I could take longer leave and enjoy myself in Kuching – hopefully free from distractions at the workplace. But I know I’d still be curious to find out the gossips at the workplace and such. Kuching raya sebulan OK..

So since we’re going back to Kuching for Raya this year – that means I’m not inviting any people to my house for berjarah. HA HA HA. (making excuses rite.. I keep telling myself that I will light up my house compound with tuntung every year but something always gets in the way.. hihihi). Instead, I will bring over cookies and nasi impit on an interval basis to work. aci kan..

I have laid out my suitcase – it will be another 3 weeks or so to the flight but hey, I need to plan our outfits early. On top of making an appointment with Stella for late night coffee or cake. She’s a busy woman. Then of course thinking of what gifts to bring to the relatives. The duit raya. The list of things to buy from Kuching – kuih lapis, pua kumbu, kaftans and such. Drafting the itinerary on which house to visit and on what day. The food we must not miss eating like Laksa Sarawak, Mi KOlok, MI sapi, Eskrem Gula Apong and what not.

What interesting weeks ahead.. yeay!!!