Manny and Sandara on Knowing Bros

I have heard of Manny Pacquiao. I knew he was one of the greatest boxers in the current decade.

I have also heard of Sandara. She is in a girls’ group 2NE1. She still looks like she’s in her 20s when in fact she is approaching 40!

Having watched snippets of this variety show on Youtube, made me want to know more about Manny’s career and his philanthropic activities. The ‘human encyclopedia’ did a great job of piquing the audience’s interest in Manny. Sandara was also an interesting figure as she is South Korean but can speak Tagalog fairly well. Idols from SK are so smart. They learn languages, songs and choreographies very fast. Their intelligence is super high in the artistic domain.

Matin the Manny


Matin would be my youngest brother, 23 years old. Still single but not available. I had to import him from home as I needed help to manage my kids. He was God sent. Like Wow. He was able to not only do the basic stuff I ask of him but more – like taking out the trash and washing up our breakfast dishes. Sometimes it is those little things that make me happy. I wish he could stay longer.

But Life must go on.

With Mr Husband just 2 days back home, I’m already having a headache putting up with his antics. Some jokes are just not funny anymore. I am still sleep deprived and my body hurts like hell. I don’t like my new job. I love my new friends though.

My next leave will be in May and maybe, just maybe that time – I get to have a good body massage.