Raya Prep – Popia Nestum

I have 3 major things to do before Eid;

  1. to complete my pending medical reports – urghhh.. I hate them. So many paperwork
  2. finalize certain details regarding my mini Tabung Minci project for Ramadhan
  3. literally prepare for Eid

with regards to the latter, I have summoned my domestic genki in listing down my juadah raya and building up actual motivation to accomplish them.


Props biar gempak.. semangat mesti ada.. 

My cookies/cakes would include;

Cornflakes madu (every year mesti ada)

Popia Horlick Nestum (this is new)

Kerepek aneka rasa plus rempeyek of course

Apam mekar – like yeh.. rumah aku pun.. I will serve whatever I want

Kuih lapis – yet to decide which one. Mestilah home made!!

Special drinks

Soursop soda .. or bandung soda.. and like any Sarawakian although staying in Semenanjung… is ayek gas

To start the ball rolling -I made POPIA NESTUM today. Despite its simple recipe, it still took me nearly 2 hours to make it. I loved the result. My son enjoyed the crispiness of it as well and like any wonderful daughter in law – I’ve made a jar for my MIL. So baik and solehah right.. muekekeke.


Manual labour involved a lot of rolling and cutting. And for a pack of 40sheets popia, I managed to fill in a tub of popcorn tub. OKlah hoh..  The powder mixture for sprinkling was easy. You combine nestum, horlicks and castor sugar together. After frying the cut rolls, you just need to cool it down before coating it with the mixture.



Selamat mencuba!!