Raya Prep – Popia Nestum

I have 3 major things to do before Eid;

  1. to complete my pending medical reports – urghhh.. I hate them. So many paperwork
  2. finalize certain details regarding my mini Tabung Minci project for Ramadhan
  3. literally prepare for Eid

with regards to the latter, I have summoned my domestic genki in listing down my juadah raya and building up actual motivation to accomplish them.


Props biar gempak.. semangat mesti ada.. 

My cookies/cakes would include;

Cornflakes madu (every year mesti ada)

Popia Horlick Nestum (this is new)

Kerepek aneka rasa plus rempeyek of course

Apam mekar – like yeh.. rumah aku pun.. I will serve whatever I want

Kuih lapis – yet to decide which one. Mestilah home made!!

Special drinks

Soursop soda .. or bandung soda.. and like any Sarawakian although staying in Semenanjung… is ayek gas

To start the ball rolling -I made POPIA NESTUM today. Despite its simple recipe, it still took me nearly 2 hours to make it. I loved the result. My son enjoyed the crispiness of it as well and like any wonderful daughter in law – I’ve made a jar for my MIL. So baik and solehah right.. muekekeke.


Manual labour involved a lot of rolling and cutting. And for a pack of 40sheets popia, I managed to fill in a tub of popcorn tub. OKlah hoh..  The powder mixture for sprinkling was easy. You combine nestum, horlicks and castor sugar together. After frying the cut rolls, you just need to cool it down before coating it with the mixture.



Selamat mencuba!! 


Ramadhan with Kulsocs

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10 years a go, a handsock is merely a black or skin coloured piece of cloth a lady uses to cover her forearms. Nowadays, handsocks have become trendier and becomes a staple fashion accessory for any muslimah in putting together their outfit. Even I, myself have fallen victim to this fashion wave. KULSOCS made this possible.



Above picture is of me in a dark blue (code P002) handsock. It was priced at rm15/pair. Of course, I’m no celebrity for you to believe  how comfortable and interesting this piece of clothing is. In fact, the handsocks are far from boring as they come in a variety of colours, patterns and textures.

Perhaps one of our Msian sweethearts, Nora Danish could convince you in a way or another in the video below.

Convinced yet? Jump on the handsock bandwagon now!




Mini Project : Hantar Kad Raya

When was the last time you receive an Eid Card? Because I would like to send you one since I’m feeling quite festive this year.


It’s quite hard to find a cute and fun card lately. I used to get one that looks like an ATM Machine and gives out fake rm50 notes. Ha ha. Oh.. where can I find a Memory Lane like shop here? I’ll have to make do with the traditional mosque, serious-y cards for now.

But I will keep on searching. Just like birthday cards.. if I ever stumble on a cute one, I will buy it and store it – to be used for future birthdays! I am still looking for independent local illustrators who designs postcards so I could buy some for my postcrossing projects.. LOLz..

If you are keen to participate in this project, PLEASE SEND ME   AN EMAIL  HERE!

This offer is only open to residents living in MALAYSIA. Open to 15 slots only.

It is FREE

You will get pretty stamps

You will read happy stuff on the card


Parcel Kasih Sayang : Edisi Ramadhan 1437H


These parcels are my token of love and friendship to these girls. Who are professionals in their own field expanding their career. Who are also Mothers and Wives in their own rights. I hope to do this every year for as long as I live. So they know that they’ll always have someone to lean on in times of despair. And so their children may also get to know an aunt that goes by the name of Minci. 

This year’s goodies include;


  • a recyclable Kungfu Panda shopping bag
  • a kaftan I bought from Tganu for aktiviti mantai
  • empty money packets
  • 2 facial masks in prep for Eid
  • and Eid card with surprise stuff for the kids

Outgoing tomorrow!! With postcards for postcrossing!!!



My mini tarawih kit


telekung, quran, post-it notes to mark fav ayats, scent for aromatherapy.. 

This is my Tarawih Kit for my salah at home. In the living room. With the dim yellow romantic lights (the kind that makes your selfie looks good) with my personal aromatherapy and air conditioning yoooooo!!

Seronok plak solat kat rumah.

I can keep an eye on my son. I can pause in between my rakaats to pee. To take a sip of water. To just lie down on the couch and soak in the silent of the night. To decide on the next surah to read. Then to continue my rakaat until Witr. Tak byk pun.. tak sampai 20. 

How is your Ramadhan so far?

I came across a sad news today regarding the health of one of my good friends father. It makes me think how Allah caturkan kehidupan kita sedemikian rupa di sekian masa bersama orang yang kita sayang – so much so that experience, whatever it may be, will benefit all who interacts with each other in the name of Allah and Islam. Thus reminding us that we must always strive fora life of Rahmat and Barakah..so we can perceive the experience in Redha and Tawakkal. InsyaAllah.