The best freebie drug-reps could ever give is a pen

In fact, most of the time the main objective of going to a drug talk apart from the Continuous Medical Education (CME) points and the food – is for the pen. The greedy lot would even shamelessly ask for more pen or a stack of notepads.

I, on the other hand, is happy with one pen. Happier with two. Most happy if I could nick the pens from other peoples goody bags who couldn’t attend the CME in the first place.  ha ha ha.

I understand that most MDs need a pen but sometimes this need escalates into obsession. The euphoric feeling evolves into a cheap thrill when one gets their hands on these precious pens. And these are ordinary ballpoint pens, mind you. With half-lives of less than a trimester. Some surviving in  less than 2 weeks. Yet we all love it. Especially when they come in black ink.

I just got back from an update session regarding a hormonal drug at Holiday Inn hotel today. It was a surprisingly good turn up with female practitioners filling up half of the audience. In the goody bag I got a pen, a notebook and a few brochures regarding the company’s products. I’m already a happy woman with that pen.