Blue ink is just not my color

I wonder if I post this on IG as a giveaway – how many would be interested. Its because I received quite a few blue inked pens in my surprise bundle of joy. I tried to like the colour more but I find that I’m a black ink sorta person.

Hmm.. let me just sleep on it tonight.


Any hard core fans of blue ink here?

Planneraddict project : Exchange Gift Kuchingites!

This is a sticky post. Kindly scroll down for new posts, if any. 

yah.. sampei juak kitak urang ke sitok. Hehe..


Here are the rules and regulation for this Exchange Gift project;

  1. You reside in Kuching and hopefully will be in Kuching for the whole month of July. Simply because I have yet to confirm my ticket. Or you can have a trusted person collect your gift on your behalf.
  2. You are prepared to exchange nice, cute gifts with me. It does not all have to be brand new. Hey – I welcome washi samples and leftovers from your collections too. Think of it as an interesting way to destash your goods. Or promote your online shop if you have any. This will also involve you meeting up with me at a certain public location which will be arranged later.
  3. You agree to me posting up the gifts on social media. So make it Instagram friendly. 😛
  4. All gifts are not returnable/exchangeable.
  5. Mode of communication will be via email until stated otherwise.

If you agree to the above – kindly fill in this form [here] You would not be able to complete it once it has reached to 5 planneraddicts.

Yes, this exchange is only open to 5 planneraddicts!! 

Closing date to fill in the form to confirm your participation in this project is :

12 JULY 2016


Here is a sneak peek of what I plan to exchange with you – nothing to hide


  1. assorted stickers for your journals/planners
  2. sweety decoration tape
  3. TOBOT money packet
  4. kitty page markers
  5. mini owl bookmark – laminated
  6. 2 metal paper clips
  7. cookie face mirror
  8. checkered magic towel
  9. a 52 week money challenge card
  10. a roll of brand new Teddy bear washi


I hope you like them – looking forward to our exchange

The best freebie drug-reps could ever give is a pen

In fact, most of the time the main objective of going to a drug talk apart from the Continuous Medical Education (CME) points and the food – is for the pen. The greedy lot would even shamelessly ask for more pen or a stack of notepads.

I, on the other hand, is happy with one pen. Happier with two. Most happy if I could nick the pens from other peoples goody bags who couldn’t attend the CME in the first place.  ha ha ha.

I understand that most MDs need a pen but sometimes this need escalates into obsession. The euphoric feeling evolves into a cheap thrill when one gets their hands on these precious pens. And these are ordinary ballpoint pens, mind you. With half-lives of less than a trimester. Some surviving in  less than 2 weeks. Yet we all love it. Especially when they come in black ink.

I just got back from an update session regarding a hormonal drug at Holiday Inn hotel today. It was a surprisingly good turn up with female practitioners filling up half of the audience. In the goody bag I got a pen, a notebook and a few brochures regarding the company’s products. I’m already a happy woman with that pen.