My Face’s Food


“Ugliness is in a way superior to beauty because it lasts”

Serge Gainsbourg


Since I choose to go to work bare faced most of the time, I might as well have good skin. A smooth complexion, almost fair but not porcelain like.. can I hope for acne and hair free? Yahhh.. Mr Husband says I look like a man sometimes with my little moustache at the sides of my pretty pout. Hmph. Evil man.

Some of my equally financially established friends have jumped onto the bandwagons of Clinique and top of the list SK II. Its tempting to invest in a good line of facial care but I think I need to first be an avid and strict abider to the wash-tone-moisturise rule.



I started off my discovery of facial care products with Johnsons clean & clear (I mean who wouldnt especially when they come to your school and do demos and roadshows of the stuff) and later experimented with other brands such as;

  1. Johnsons clean & clear
  2. Biore
  3. Dove
  4. Nano White ( this one is quite a good product but since Diana Danielle became the ambassador, I decided to cross it off my list )
  5. Nutox ( influenced by a british friend in medical school. She came to malaysia for her holidays, bought the product, loved it loads and even resorted to ‘kirim’ through us Malaysians when we go back home). I stopped using because I ended up having more acne than usual.
  6. Oxywash – walks the talk but sounds so not ‘hip’ to use Oxy.
  7. Neutrogena
  8. Hada Labo (latest experiment)

Once Ive got the wash-tone-moisturise rule at the back of my hand, perhaps only then, I’ll upgrade a little bit. If necessary.



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