Im not judging you, just feed

It has become a common phrase said to first-time-young-mothers who often hesitate in admitting that they have been giving milk formulas to their newborn babies ON TOP of their breast milk.


I am a first timer myself and without strong moral support, breastfeeding is not as easy as how other mothers make it. I remembered how anxious I was when I was not lactating until D4 of life for Baby Zeeq. Then, theres the anxiety of proper positioning and suckling method. later, I had to deal with the pain of breast engorgement that no one told me about and the 24/7 leaking!!! At that time I only had Mr Husband with me as we were ‘working overseas’.. away from both of our parents and other elderly people. There was no home visiting services in my area .. so you could imagine how difficult it was for the both of us as we try to understand that new phase of our lives. And honestly people.. learning virtually from the internet is not as effective.

Plus with Baby Zeeq yang sik mok nyusu tete’… nang dipalin koh mukanya dari badan kita.. kakya nya nangis lapa.. hati neh sik give in. So I too resorted to formula milk at the time. It kept the baby quiet and full. I also gave in to the use of pacifiers. It honestly broke my heart having to do that because I had all these ideals in raising a child. Exclusive breastfeeding as one of them. But… hmm.. *sigh*

I owe an apology to Baby Zeeq. InsyaAllah now that Ive known better.. I will not make the same mistake with Baby No 2 in the future.

But perhaps judging people out there would be more kind and willing to accept breastmilk feeding as opposed to pure breastfeeding per se. NO?

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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