The Diving Midwife

“I am in no mood to be deceived any longer by the crafty devil and false character whose greatest pleasure is to take advantage of everyone”
Camille Claudel

Or as how its correctly put in Bahasa Melayu , ‘Bidan Terjun’.

I wonder if its written on my face literally, the phrase ‘Bidan Terjun Available’ for some people seem to think that its okay to

  • change my shift to the least favourable time on the last minute
  • ask me to cover the clinic on the last minute
  • ask me to cover the wards on the last minute
  • be on call on the dot on the last minute

Thank God as of now I havent been told to like give a presentation on the last minute. Id totally axe the person.

Perhaps I should tattoo my forehead with ‘Not Single Anymore. I Now have commitments!’. Mind you, I am not asking for a lee-way or special treatment. Im not asking for less calls per month. Im not asking to be on the morning shift at all times. Im just asking for some form of consideration. Time to prepare. To plan on;

  • who will babysit my child whilst Im gone for the sudden night shift or oncall
  • when and how I am to carry my other Wifely and Motherly errands
  • personal study time
  • my own sleep time so I could still function as a human being
  • preparing meals (though now is less significant as beloved MIL prepares em all.. he he)
  • what to wear the next day!!

For I totally understand that being a doctor and a mother/wife at the same time is demanding and needs proper time management. As of now, Im hoping that if I become good in one aspect of my life, Id become better in the other. I wish the latter would rest on the responsibilities as a wife/mother.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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