Loreal UV Perfect BB Max cream

“Beauty awakens the soul to act”
 Dante Alighieri

Yes, Im a doctor. But above all, Im a woman. Hurrah.

I made a promise to myself to look like the female characters in Grey’s Anatomy to work. The ‘so-natural-complexion-as-though-Im-not-wearing-makeup’ look. I honestly couldnt be bothered with it straight after maternity leave but last Friday, on my little trip to Guardian (with so many SALES in store), I decided it was time to just get one good cream that could function as having both skincare and cosmetic value. It was a choice between Maybelline, Simply Siti and L’oreal.

  • Maybelline seems amateurish. Now that Elfira Loy is the ambassador, the product just seems right for people ‘her age’.
  • Simply Siti was damn expensive
  • So it was L’oreal by default

L’oreals UV Perfect BB Max cream has a light texture. I did not feel anything sticking on my face and washing it off with wipes was a breeze. I certainly glowed as fair as an Elf that even Snow Whites stepmother would pay a huntsmen to kill me and get my heart. Now that Ive given it a go over the weekend, the next task is to use it routinely on a weekday.

..because you’re worth it..

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