Green Fingers. I can actually grow stuff …

I am blessed to have a mini patch of land within my house compound to grow things. It took a lot of lobbying and protests against Mr Husband to NOT TOUCH the land and let it be filled with greens. I don’t care if they were weeds or rumput biasa.. yang penting its not a concrete floor or a blardy swimming pool in this dengue prone area.

This small piece of land I have in the backyard is not just a land. In fact, it serves as a bonding medium between me and my mother. I actually let her grow stuff in this little garden to make her ( and myself) happy. It is as though we share the same hobby. And it was an effort not without results.

Mother would pick the plants that she wants to grow. My job is to fertilise and water it so they DON’T DIE during her next visit from Saujana Putra. The prides of my mini garden includes;

rambutan kontot


If only you could spot a little plant beside that rumpun of grass, that would be the Rambutan tree. Perhaps its a slow grower for I have yet to see it inch upwards for the past year. I can’t figure out where I’ve gone wrong really? Is it the soil to begin with?


This on the other hand reminds of of Tomyam-Gung all the time. My Daun Limau Purut tree. Now I don’t have to get these leaves from the store anymore. Could just petik-petik a bit and make my tomyam.



And of course, a must in any Sirap drink. Or belacan. Or Umai Ikan. Slurpp.. pokok limau kasturi. Happily enough I see a few limau already sprouting from the branches. However, nothing could beat the joy I get from my next tree.


POKOK MANGGA EE! Yes.. despite only 4 ft tall (yah.. its like my height in just over a year), it already boasts of mini mangoes from its branches. I wonder how long I’d have to wait for it to be fully grown before I could hold an annual makan mangga event at my humble home.


At the end of the day, this particular tree is the most precious and one with the highest sentimental value. Pokok Daun Singkil. I don’t really know what else you can cook with Daun Singkil but one thing I know is that it taste superb in Bubur Pedas. And Bubur Pedas is one of the Sarawakian dishes that I have to ‘berguru’ with Mother to get a wonderful result. Which translates into also bonding time with Mother.

So, this weekend the mandur will come by for a visit ( Mother)… I’d have to do another check to see everything is in tip top condition before she comes.

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