Subjective pain

I got home to a crying Hazeeq post-call. He was sobbing and clinging on to Mr Husband like a koala. I asked what was the problem. Mr Husband responded cheekily,

“He fell. Got an abrasion wound on his left knee but is wailing like he’s got an open fracture”

HA HA HA. My drama king son!

 EE merajuk

He walked like a cripple the whole day – saying he can’t walk. And we kept reassuring this boy that there is nothing wrong with his leg. He of course does not agree. He forgot about the leg for a while after watching his favourite cartoon. He wanted to run to the fridge to get his Vitagen until that ‘pain on knee extension’ kicks in and there he goes – crying again. He merajuk. He doesn’t want a cute plaster even! He chose to be sulky.

I was more worried that he wouldn’t want to take his shower – but this brave young man said to me,

“Mummy, jom mandi. buang itam”
(mom.. lets go shower. Clean the black thing)

.. this is referring to his wound of course.

He kind of showered himself with special attention to the wound. He drizzled so much water on it, probably hoping that that it will peel off his skin. After a lather of soap and more water, we pat the wound dry and dressed him in his pajamas. I put on his long pants thus concealing the wound and all of a sudden, he can walk almost straight to the kitchen! Still on tiptoes and bent knees but more upright and at a faster pace.

That was when I realized that to him,  Pain will only manifest when it is something he can see. Once I covered up the wound, his pain dissipated and almost went away.

And the next morning, he was already jumping on the bed!

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