He ask, I answer

Kids are plain confusing. I just can’t decide how I feel about them at times. There are moments when you love them to bits and just want to play with them for the whole day. And there are rare but definitive hours when you feel like asking them to shut up. And leave me alone. And stop peeking at me while I shower.

Hazeeq is at an age where he loves to ask questions. I sometimes wonder is it because he is that smart and inquisitive or he’s just being plain annoying. He likes to ask ” why this and that “. And if I don’t respond appropriately, he’d complain and say “mummy cakaplah betul2”. Like.. omg.. how am I going to top that.

Recently, he is really into this Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride movie. He calls it cerita kakak biru. Since it’s fiction, obviously things are unreal thus not compatible to real life situations. It gets more difficult in trying to explain things like;

“kenapa kakak mati”

“kenapa mata kakak cabut masa nangis”

Sometimes a question is asked repetitively despite the answer given. I almost felt like I’m a contestant on Super Spontan playing that bell game. Ya know.. where the players have to give a different response to the same scenario when the bell rings.

It gets more challenging on weekends when you have more hours to spare for a movie marathon. That’s when I have to be creative in submitting my answers to My Curious One. Ha ha. As of now, I shall collect my thoughts and organize my information while doing a bit of laundry as I wait for my boy to rise from his slumber..


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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