Celebrating Haneem’s birthday

This year I had a really strong urge to provide goodie bags for Haneem’s friends at daycare. Coincidentally another child is also having his birthday on the same day. So I chipped in for breakfast. I have never done this for Haneem before. Probably because I wasn’t up to it cause it does take some time. However with Covid19 being rampant, I figured its time to be more sociable with the teachers and all. Building relationships they say.

She is so big now, she can follow instructions

I assembled a simple goodie bag using stuff I bought from my local RM2.10 store. I did not want to overshadow the other parent. My initial plan was to put the items inside a clear ziplock bag which parents could re-use but I worry that it would be a controversial move. We don’t want to upset anybody. ha ha ha. In the end I settled for a polka dot bag. I prepared bags for 60 pax. As for the teachers, I used the pretty bags I have at home and gave them some mini perfume I had and a hand lotion.

Inside the bags for the kids were a small carton of chocolate milk, a pudding and a bubble toy. I bought a birthday cake from Italy Cake House and a banana cake I ordered from an online bakery on Instagram. I also typed out an appreciation letter to the teachers of the school. I feel that they need to know how valuable they are and that they are doing a good job. Indeed they are the best external moms a kid can have.

I spent about RM300 for everything including my share for the kids breakfast. Looking from the pictures, seems like Haneem really enjoyed herself. As for birthday presents, she received a cute owl pillow from her aunt, Aunty Ell. Then an Olaf toy from her dad. I decided to give her a cereal bowl with a duck face on it. Ee, her older brother has one too.

Happy bday love

This year the mandatory birthday buddies picture with Haneem’s uncle will have to be postponed to a different date. I hope she will be more cooperative with the picture this year.

Guess it’s time to think of Ee’s 9th birthday celebration next month.

Tantrum – his milestone

I usually have it easy. My boy would bathe on time, sleep on time, eat his broccoli and play his toys nicely. It would be a rare occasion to have my son cry or throw a tantrum. must be the mother’s angelic genes. 


Last weekend however, was horrendous. For God knows what reason, this 3 year old boy of mine is beginning to have an opinion of his own. Everything has an excuse to NOT doing it – refusal to bathe, refusal to wash his Number Two, refusal to eat rice. It’s like him being possessed by an indecisive Emily Rose.

Is this a milestone I’m not seeing in my Paeds Protocol reference book? I mean he is turning 4 next month. Poor december babies – they’re just growing up but the year has passed them. I remembered when he turned exactly 1 years old he could suddenly walk without a topple. So could that be it? Another milestone of the dark side?  See.. even doctors get clueless when it comes to their own kids.

Last night when everyone was just super tired of being a normal human being and by that I mean completing house chores, shopping groceries, folding endless laundry etc.. when ya know we just want to lay down on the bed and sleep the night off – my son did not want to wash and change into his pyjamas. Not even his favourite bear pyjamas with the pockets at front.

Mr Tantrum paid a visit and made him throw his collections of Ultraman on the floor. He shut off the TV and kept the remote control away from his father. He wouldn’t let me touch or hug him. He just wanted to be a little 3 year old called Diffy Cult.

I just couldn’t have it and threatened to switch off the lights to our room. He thought I wasn’t serious – I felt ‘challenged’ so without laying any physical harm towards him (never did) I flicked off the switch. He howled and cried so loud I was worried that the neighbours would think that we were abusing him or something. 5 seconds later I turned on the lights back of course but he was still playing that game of ‘I am Diffy Cult’. I left him in the bedroom sobbing more slowly – to play a mindless mini game on my computer. But I couldn’t concentrate. My candy on screen can’t seem to crush very well.

Soon he came out to look for me but recognizing his other friend – Mr Mini Eegow he did not come near me. He sat at a different chair and just watched me. Then from the corner of my eye I saw him slowly lying down on the couch, still sobbing but from what I gather becoming sleepy.

Being a softie that I am, I went up to him and touched his face. His eyes were like really droopy by now – he ‘regained consciousness’ when I gave him a kiss on the cheeks and without a fuss he said

‘Mummy.. I want to shower”

Then everything became normal instantaneously. I lathered him with his favourite soap, put him in his pyjamas, combed his hair the ‘encem’ style and applied a bit of oil fragrance on his neck.

He later climbed up the bed, pulled up his blanket, hugged his toy elephant and ZzzzZZzzz.. he passed out. Then I prayed hard that he would be a good boy the next morning.

Hazeeq morphing into a Terrible 3

In toddler-ship, there’s the Tantrum Two and a Terrible Three. At 3, these little humans are more than capable to express their feelings and ideas although really, kids say the darndest things! Almost every gritty ritual per diem becomes more magnanimous, opulent and of paparazzi material. The right leg needs to step in the pants holes first before the left. The coloured pencils must be arranged with always the green one first in line. He demands a picture taken for everything – while eating, pooh-ing even. And most importantly, always seeking recognition for their efforts, acknowledgements for their actions and words.

“mummy tengok eh ” (mummy.. look at me)

“bukan monyetlah.. haiwan” (no mummy, its not a monkey.. its an animal)

Bday EE

Last night I was tucking my son into bed for the umpteenth time. Mr Husband has given up and was already snoring in his corner of the bed. All was cozy and ‘complete’ for bedtime.It was just after 9PM. Hazeeq was in his choice of pyjamas – a 2013 white baju melayu, wrapped in his favourite blanket – a KFC free gift blue Doraemon blanket and surrounded by his toys – an army of 5 mini Ultraman figurines together with one Ultraman half his size.

Then His Royal Highness wanted his bedtime milk. This time not in a bottle. He wanted it served in a cup. Just like Upin Ipin.

“Ee dah besar.. Ee minum cawan” (im a big boy, I want to drink in a cup)

Fine then, so be it. I handed him the mug, he gulped down a precise 3 gulps and then gave me back the mug.

“EE dah kenyang. Simpan” (I am full, keep it)

Disappointed that he didn’t finish his milk, I still obliged to his request and kept the remaining milk in the fridge. Few minutes later, he became all upset and hissy.

“Kenapa mummy simpan dlm peti ais.. simpan atas meja.. Ee haus.”

(why did you keep it in the fridge, put it on the table. Im thirsty)

So I took out the milk from the fridge – still lukewarm – placed the cup slowly in his hands and he drank it till half empty. And boy, he has the most adorable milk moustache ever! I was careful this time to put the cup on the dressing table. He was content and this time managed to get his sleep. I finished off the rest of the milk after adding in a bit of cocoa powder.

Kids at 3, hard to please!

Hazeeq is 3

I am an enthusiastic mother when it comes to birthdays but I have long accepted that I have no talent in baking my own 3-D cake with fondants and all. Nor am I gifted in making those pretty party decorations and goody bags. Hazeeq doesn’t even have friends outside the family and as of my proper friends.. well, we are too far away and most of them would be oncall or doing something with their family. Ha ha ha. Lumrah berkawan with doktores… 

So it was a weekend birthday without the mat salleh thrills and frills. No clowns unless you count my silly jokes – the one that make cheeky kids go ‘HAr Har Har’ weakly.  We finally managed to set our foot at IKEA and the new mall in town – IOI City Putrajaya.

Mr Husband insisted that I try the famous Ikea Meatballs. He said it was a 7/10.

meatball.. satu seringgit

I had to ask,

“So which meatball gets a 10”


Of course, I have always known the meatballs I make are wonderful to his palate. It’s like the one and only gift God decided to give me over any other meals. Why can’t it be lasagna!! Huahuahua. Any culinary challenged person like myself could easily make one though. Mince meat + holland onions (lots) with loads of black pepper. Nyum nyum. 

On the other hand.. at IOI City Mall, we tried to window shop each floor but it was just too massive. I gave up after Daiso and Parkson. I was itching to buy a pair of court shoes but none of them were screaming a confident ‘BUY ME!!” to my face. So few dollars saved there but I splashed it on the birthday lunch – at JOhnny’s steamboat restaurant. I am pretty convinced that if my mother was there (she had another social function to attend to), she could replicate the recipe with a mere lick of the sauce. She is that talented!

Bday EE2

It wouldn’t have been a perfect birthday weekend if it wasn’t because of the cake. My younger sister bought it from her trusted bakery Berry’s – a Japanese chocolate cheese cake and oh em gee.. it was the best cheese choc cake ever. Kalah Secret Recipe. The 2 hyperthyroid Doraemon as cake toppers was a good touch but turns out too creepy to eat. I mean.. look at the eyes. It looks like its gonna pop out anytime!

Bday EE3

Well son, you may not remember this once you reach 7 but I hope you know how much we love you judging from the adorable pictures we took of you. Mummy hope that you will learn a lot of good things as you grow up, to be gracious to others and be content with what you have. To always strive for greatness but never to forget remain rooted to the ground, as we all come from the same humble beginnings.

Mummy love you very much and will try to get you a new adik to play with. *grin*

He ask, I answer

Kids are plain confusing. I just can’t decide how I feel about them at times. There are moments when you love them to bits and just want to play with them for the whole day. And there are rare but definitive hours when you feel like asking them to shut up. And leave me alone. And stop peeking at me while I shower.

Hazeeq is at an age where he loves to ask questions. I sometimes wonder is it because he is that smart and inquisitive or he’s just being plain annoying. He likes to ask ” why this and that “. And if I don’t respond appropriately, he’d complain and say “mummy cakaplah betul2”. Like.. omg.. how am I going to top that.

Recently, he is really into this Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride movie. He calls it cerita kakak biru. Since it’s fiction, obviously things are unreal thus not compatible to real life situations. It gets more difficult in trying to explain things like;

“kenapa kakak mati”

“kenapa mata kakak cabut masa nangis”

Sometimes a question is asked repetitively despite the answer given. I almost felt like I’m a contestant on Super Spontan playing that bell game. Ya know.. where the players have to give a different response to the same scenario when the bell rings.

It gets more challenging on weekends when you have more hours to spare for a movie marathon. That’s when I have to be creative in submitting my answers to My Curious One. Ha ha. As of now, I shall collect my thoughts and organize my information while doing a bit of laundry as I wait for my boy to rise from his slumber..