friday rants regarding .. medicine

The medical fraternity is again being ridiculed by self proclaimed miracle healers condemning modern medicine . One particular homeopathy practitioner has made herself viral on Facebook for promoting alternative therapy to dengue. While Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) is welcoming complementary and traditional medicine on board by setting up centres in selected hospitals around Malaysia, there is much to scrutinize regarding these alternative pathway of medical care. Especially practitioners which are not registered and certified by KKM.

Now and again I see patients defaulting treatment in favour of hydrotherapy sessions or herbal pills. I mean everyone likes different things. If it works for you, go ahead but don’t step into my Casualty half dead hoping to have springs in your step by the next day.

I hate how people like to compare with practices of yesteryear.

“Dolok merik baby minum ayek mati, idoop jak nya.. kenak kinek tok suma benda misi madah sik boleh. adakah merik susu jak.. kerin lah tekaq nya”

“Urang tua dolok rokok idup jak sampe 80”

“Dolok umo 12 da makei moto raun kampung.. kinek tok 15 pun sik boleh naik moto”

Above all, my hatred towards those who thinks medicine is against Islam. That we are changing fate. That we are challenging Allah’s Will . If Medicine wasn’t made to exist, He wouldn’t have said

Setiap sakit ada penawarnya

Allah wouldn’t have bestowed Ibn Sina (Avicenna) with such a genius mind considering his extensive corpus of work and was even described as ‘The Father of Early Modern Medicine’! And if women weren’t meant to venture into medicine, surely He wouldn’t make our Medical Srikandi at where they are  – Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood, Prof Madya Dr Harlina and Prof Dr Muhaya to name a few. Kan? At a position where they can serve to the ummah both as a healer and a da’i.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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