Ill souls on a weekend

Baby Hazeeq seems to live in an imaginary yet effective little bubble. For he is the only one among us 3 who is not infected with the flu and fever. I’m not quite sure whether to rejoice that he is well or feel sorry that he has to play on his own.

The terrible bug attacked Mr Husband and I last weekend.

I had a terrible oncall in Casualty. Despite a grateful 3 hour snooze from 0330 to 0630 I woke up to a flat tyre that needed changing and a tortoise speed drive back home. Once at home, I was greeted by a couldn’t-be-bothered husband on the couch. He muttered an ‘eh’ from beneath the blankets and continued to wrap himself in it like a mummy. Dopey from probably his chlorpheniramine. Baby Hazeeq was already doing the helicopter spin on the floor with ‘snacks’ on the table and the TV switched on to Frozen. A bait to leave the father alone. And it’s only 9 in the morning.

I managed a quick breakfast. Chucked down two tabs of paracetamol and a tab of piriton down my throat before I too, took a spot in front of the TV in the living room to …. rest. In between my ‘nap’, I would be awakened by Hazeeq playing his dinosaurs on my contoured body of hills and mountains. Later, I am supposed to be a giant in a deep slumber. I just have to make a roar now and again to make him happy. Once Hazeeq got bored, he told me to change the channel to Minions. And then Frozen (again). And then Monsters University. Oh well, at least I get an 80 -90 min rest in between.

Lunch was toast and leftover pasta for the little guy. Mr Husband and I just gulped down glasses of water.

We felt better during tea time but we were still groggy. We had pizza for takeout. And mushroom soup for the soul. Perhaps the happiest person was Hazeeq by then as now he gets undivided attention from both his ill zombie- like parents. Who happened to be doctors. And is expected to come back to work again the following day. MONDAY.

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