Sedeqah – The 5 ringgit story

A story of humanity in Malaysia went viral recently.

A lady paid in advance MYR 50 for her fuel but her tank was already full at MYR 45. She couldn’t be bothered to make another walking trip back to the counter and reclaim the remaining MYR 5. So she just waited at the petrol pump to see if there was any motorcyclists who needed the extra fuel. Almost immediately, a young man came by in his kapchai. The lady urged him to take over the pump.

“here’s 5 ringgit worth of fuel. Please take it”

The boy took it happily and the lady noticed that he was in tears.

“Whats wrong boy?”

“Kak, I have not received my paycheque from work. I only have MYR10 with me. Just a while ago I was thinking if I were to pay for my fuel MYR3, I would only have MYR7 to last till its end. Alhamdulilah, Allah has greater plans -He gave me Rezki in the form of free motor fuel”

The article went on to mention how in each of our Rezki , there could be some which belongs to others. Hence the concept of Zakat or menyucikan harta comes to mind.

Now, what amused me were the comments by readers following the article. I saw a few comments that resonates along the same meaning

I wish I could be like you. I wish that Allah could also grant me the same opportunity to do so to other human beings. 

The secret is, the opportunity has always been there. Its either we have been ignorant or choose not to perform these good deeds. If you want to be like the lady, perform SEDEQAH. And there are plenty of ways to do SEDEQAH. It can be in money or kind. It can be something that you do in routine or on special occasions.

SedeQah is when

you smile

you tell the taxi driver to keep the change

you recite the AlFatihah to the ill or dead

you carpool

you share a meal with the poor

you donate to the flood victims

you feed a stray cat

you help hold the door

you spare some small change

you wakaf some reading materials or the Quran to the masjid

Indahnya Islam..

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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