MISSHA Perfect cover BB Cream


Another cosmetic brand originating from South Korea. I have been using its foundation and lip tint ever since I discovered it during my holiday to Seoul in 2013. I’m easily drawn to something new and strange because in Malaysia I’ve only heard of Etude House and Skin Food. I had no idea this brand was.. BIG. Perhaps its because the price tag had the ability to create a big hole in the purse if converted to local currency.Well.. maybe. I don’t know. SK II seems to be doing just fine.


The foundation I used has an SPF42 and for my Malay skin I used NO 23 (Natural Beige).  I think this is the darkest tone available which is considered still ‘light’ for my skin tone. Correct me if I’m wrong – I am not a beauty blogger who does her research. In short, if you’re Ning Baizura or Yunalis Zarai, this product may not be suitable for you. But if you’re Lisa Surihani or Jihan Muse it’s a keeper. If you’re Diana Danielle or Emma Maembong, then do choose a lighter tone. HIhi. kitak faham sik ya.. 

I bought it online through the trusted website Lazada. Com. It was priced at MYR 52 for a tube of 50mls which usually lasts me for a year. The price was with shipping cost included and it arrived in the mail within 3 days. Hurray.

Recently, I came to discover of a product under the MISSHA roof which was rumoured to be able to challenge SKII’s Miracle Essence. It has been around for some time but I’ve only got to know about it for the past 6 months. It is called TIME REVOLUTION – The First Treatment Essence. It has a somewhat similar and exclusive packaging like SKII but I was disappointed that the local MISSHA webstore did not provide an update regarding this product, hence I have to seek for more up-to-date information from its cousins website in Singapore.

I read reviews regarding its magic. This article in particular and also this one by Morgan stands out of course and I was eager to try.

Now all I have to do is wait for another package to arrive straight from KOREA!! AGAIN!!

2 thoughts on “MISSHA Perfect cover BB Cream

  1. The perfect cover bb cream has a shade 27 which is a good bit darker than no. 23 🙂 one of the few Asian bb creams to come in 4 shades :p


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