My washi’s are here

It was worth the wait and to think that I have a few more packages to receive – I am a happy woman.


My work colleagues seem to be more excited than I am when it comes to receiving a package. In fact, anybody’s package. Perhaps the joy is in the Receiving – although it’s not yours. Ha ha.


This was something I purchased on February 16 2015, off a website called Ali.Express. The little brother of AliBaba. The brainchilds of Jack Ma. The good thing is the items are way way cheap than what most of us can get off the market  – and this is after one includes the shipping fee, if any. As most retailers provide shipping costs for free. The down side is one must be prepared to wait especially if you live in different parts of the world. This package took nearly 3 weeks to arrive. Safe and sound, of course.

A friend told me some wedding dress vendors even buy their dresses from these retailers in bulk and market them as their own. cool huh? or sick?


These washi’s are sold in lots. The store had a 98.7% positive feedback which was very reassuring.They were also very kind to give me a free bookmark. It’s a little cute one but most importantly it’s a FREEBIE. Ha ha.   As of now, my purchases are limited to cute stationaries in fulfilling my hobby to splurge money so called beautify my planners and washi-up the decorative bottles and baskets in the kitchen and bedroom. I still feel a bit insecure to buy big, more costly things through this website since it is based in another country. kelak mun mauk anok urang ya macam susah.. huhu. 

This washi obsession will probably be ‘just a phase’ but I intend to have fun with it until it lasts. After all, it’s just a hobby to help me relax and let go. Now where’s my planner …

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