Online Store : Mr Lens .. again

My trusted courier service [read: POSMALAYSIA] delivered a wonderful package from MrLens.Com yesterday. My box of contact lenses were packed nicely in a box and also secured in a ziplock bag!! I collect these gems – they can be useful while travelling to hold my passports. He he. And of course those cute personal touches – this time a lollipop although I loved the gummy bears more.


As usual, I bought my monthly supply of contact lenses. My favourite so far is the Blincon brand specifically in Sweetie Brown and Freshkon Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown. This time around I decided to try something new and purchased the Freshkon Mosaic. Well, it has been around in the market for more than a year but I have yet to try it as they were not much honest raving reviews from normal bloggers as opposed to the Butterfly bloggers.

Butterfly bloggers  = those who write on beauty related stuff and what not

Having being convinced of its natural and blending features especially in Asian women – through blog posts by non butterfly bloggers and as evident by photos taken by only then the butterfly bloggers, I decided to give it a go. Plus, they are on promotion on the site.

Recently Updated10

Pictures will have to come later. I have a big big event to go cover as a medical team this evening.

It would be nice if you could purchase the lenses through my affiliate link . See you around. Bye.

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