Raya Aidilfitri 2015

Raya Aidilfitri this year was rezeki. I initially volunteered to be oncall on the 2nd day of Eid but something happened and I was somewhat rewarded with a day off on that day. My oncall slot was replaced by another colleague. It was in fact a swap as I became the bidan terjun for his call the weekend before.

Our little family’s theme was Turquoise. It was a decision made last year. Who knew it was a popular choice this year especially with the #makkohijau thing-y going on. We have also decided for the colour theme next year. ha ha.


We celebrated the Raya morning at my in laws house – Mr Husbands kampung which was literally 5 minutes away. Ha ha.. bless Hazeeq for having his grandparents nearby. We performed the Eid prayers and continued with breakfast. It was also my nieces birthday , so a round of birthday cake it was.

We went in a convoy to visit relatives around Malacca and the kids collected their duit raya happily. Hazeeq alone managed to collect a total of RM400.00 over the 3 days of Raya celebration. Very generous people – thank you.


Since I was not oncall on the 2nd of Raya, Mr Husband suggested we go visit my parents and stay the night. My mother made the usual Ayam Masak Merah & Daging Hitam. Then, together with my parents we went to pay a visit to an old neighbour in Damansara – a place where I grew up in my early childhood years.


3rd Raya was more entertaining. It was in Segamat – my MIL’s hometown. Every year her siblings would organize this family/hari raya gathering day. it’s a half day event filled with nonetheless eating and drinking, sukaneka, colouring competitions, medical screening, lucky draws & such. It felt weird the first time round but it felt more natural years after. I honestly secretly enjoy the activities.

My 3 year old boy participated in the colouring contest. He did not win of course but it was ‘exposure to competition‘. He did however won the Spongebob competition – where the toddler soaks the sponge and squeeze it in a cup. Any father-son team who got the most water in their cup wins. They received a hamper and boy he was overjoyed. Ha ha.


3 days was enough for our Raya this year. Mr husband needed to get back to his work as well. Alhamdulilah for the time well spent with our families.

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