Of ‘rezeki tak putus’

Mr Husband is my little ustaz. sometimes a random advice or observation would be dispensed whether I’m listening or not. Most of the time it bypasses my hearing capacity as I have chronic impacted ear wax. lol..

Recently, he went to the night market to buy dinner. He bought quite a few things and he was not happy with two items;

  1. 3 slices of lemang with lamb curry at RM 8.00
  2. bottled fresh flavoured milk 300ML for RM2.50/each

First, he said he bought them from the stalls out of ‘moral support’. There were not a lot of patrons at these respective stalls that he felt ‘sorry’ thus proceeded to ‘help them’. It was only then he understood why these items were not popular to the regulars.

The lemang tasted alright but the lamb curry was bland. The meat was tough. It was hard to consume without a thousand complaints come trailing after. Mr Husband was also disappointed that buying the curry was an option in the first place.

“apa jenis niaga jual lemang pastu tanya nak beli kuah skali ke tak ? ni bukan raya”

He felt cheated with the fresh milk as well for the pricing was considered ‘expensive’ for milk which was not ‘fresh’ to start with. I had to endure a 30 min speech on ‘rezeki tak putus’ afterwards.

“sebab tuh orang melayu niaga susah nak kaya.. sebab duit yang dapat tuh tak berkat. hati tuh tak ikhlas nak berniaga. jual sebab nak dapat fast money – bukan sebab nak ‘provide’.. bukan sebab nak memenuhi tuntutan fardhu kifayah. cuba kalau rezeki tuh berkat.. tuhan redha.. Allah bagi rezeki tak putus.. tak semestinya dengan harta kekayaan.. tapi boleh dgn peluang niaga yang lebih besar.. anak yang pandai.. yang dengar kata.. yang boleh doakan mak bapak.. yang boleh sambung keberkatan hidup.. masa untuk solat dan berdoa untuk meminta lagi.. itu namanya rezeki tak putus”

He included examples of self-praise of course but lets not go there..

Although I did not sell the lemang and milk, my ears were still burning from the mini tazkirah. I have to admit, what he says is true.. rezeki comes in all forms.. in my line of work. it might mean.. opportunities to study and learn new things, make new and useful friends, have good bosses and colleagues, patients that survived an emergency and live to see another day, even patients who die and leaves behind a legacy to remember. It could also mean an understanding husband and family in law, lovely children and a wonderful home. Or what I treasure most the barakah TIME I get to spend with my loved ones.

Will you be my rezeki yang tak putus? 

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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