the word is hectic

My schedule has been very hectic lately and honest be told, I am not getting any younger to tahan being oncall. Gosh – need a way out of this. Ha ha.

Yesterday, we had a meeting discussing mortality cases that occur within the department. Indeed, there was a lot to learn. My brain was theoretically searching for the files in my brain on certain subject matters. for instance, how is a U wave formed and all those things.Ironically, nak jadi specialist ko kena back to basics sebenarnya.. like mitochondria punya level sorta thing. Then only you can talk about journals and scholarly articles. Kalau basic pun susah nak grasp – how can I understand HFOV or BILEVEL vent settings right?

Apart from being in the hospital, I also went to court for the first time. Its considered a milestone for any medical officer I suppose. It means you’ve been around long enough to treat criminals or have their DNA taken or something. In other words, you’ve seen enough of the ugly things that happens around you  – shielded from the public. It’s like sampai satu tahap you know a felon is faking an asthma attack just so he could breath the fresh air out of his cell by making a visit to the hospital. Cam y lah…

On a different note – I saw a bouquet of flowers dying on one of our lockers in the room. I am tempted to bring them home but I have yet to ask for permission. From the receiver. Fresh flowers often reminds me of the time I studied in Manchester. There, fresh flowers are cheap and affordable – sold at ASDA or TESCO. I’d often buy them once in a fortnight and have them on my window sill for they are so pretty to look at and some smells nice too. How I miss the pretty sight of carnations and scent of a rose ..

Speaking of flowers – my new stamp collection came through the post. pics in the next entry.


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