to go or not to go

A : Are you going?

B : I don’t know – are you?

A : Don’t you want to go?

B : Do I have to go?

A : Jomlah… takde geng..

That kind of persuaded me to rethink my initial option of ‘buat bodo malas nak layan majlis protokol bagai macam tak nak pegi’. Although I’m a loner  – the type who can go to the movies alone and enjoy a wholesome dinner after that – I don’t subject other people to that.

The last time I attended a formal majlis was last year.Not as a guest but as a personnel in the medical team :P.

I have quite forgotten the fun and joy it might bring. Gosh.. I feel old already.. lets just hope theres no poco poco beramai-ramai. ngeee…

I think I dislike attending these events because one, of its formality and second that fake smile you have to plaster on your face to get through the hours – not to mention the numerous photo taking session – like omg.. can you stop already?! But this event I’m going is supposed to be of one that honors myself – to appreciate my efforts and stuff.

I suppose I should attend it for the love of Allah – for the pride of my husband and son. So they know that my times in this district hospital is not a waste, that I am making a difference to at least one life I tend to. That those nights or weekends I’m not home are worth every second. That they’ll understand that I still love what I do. It’s like how an MO in one of Dr. Johan Siows stories put it,

“Johan, I may never get to be a specialist, but even as a service MO, if I can give the BEST CARE to my patients, then I’m already satisfied with my life.”

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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