Laksa Sarawak Party


Dear friends. Thank you for spending some of your precious time with me today. For fitting me into your busy schedule. 

I have had this party on my mind sometime – fumbling on when would be the right moment to host it. It will after all be my first ever party ever since I’ve stayed at this house.

After all – with what happened recently, I feel that if you want to do something, say something – go ahead. Before its too late.

I had most of the things I needed at home. I just need a few extra stuff to make this ‘makan2’ thing look kinda like a party. Thank God I have my brother Danial to help out. I started cooking at 2PM and alhamdulilah.. my doors are open by 630PM. My son and I managed to send a voicemail to Mr Husband who is outstation for a few days just before my guests came.

Menu was simple. Laksa for adults. Macaroni for kids. Bits of nuggets. Jelly. IceCream. Pizza. Toys at the play area. Hihi..

The party ended promptly by 930PM and plenty of food were sent to my workplace for those who could not join in. Alhamdulilah Allah for giving me the opportunity to give Sedekah and strengthen friendship today. Will there be another time in the future for my favourite girls plak…. hmm.. 

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