Last weekend we ate and ate


Seoul Garden with the family happened last weekend. Mr Husband said it was the longest eating session he has ever sat in. 90 mins of munching food guys. It was not normal in his family.Ha ha. I had to excuse myself early because of my small bladder and abdominal cramps. Plus I wanted to do some window shopping at TYPO. Besides, Mr Husband can mingle longer with the inlaws right? He he.. muka redha..  

Then this is dinner today. Leftovers from yesterday and freshly fried omellete with tomyam.


I must have missed the memo or skipped the chapter on “how to be the most wonderful sister in the world’ when I made Danial the Tomyam udang. He is apparently allergic to seafood. Like really? I honestly thought I saw him dunk a prawn in the soup at Seoul Garden the other day. Or maybe I thought I did.

He finished the cauliflower in the tomyam though – I told him I’ll finish up the prawn later.

After dinner, I did some loud reading with my son. He needed to improve on his English pronunciation. He is doing fine so far – English is not our main speaking language at home but its good for school and reading generally. He is currently on book 2B of the Peter & Jane series. I need to make a timetable to chart out his progress and aims. I’m giving it 3 months? Would that be reasonable? We’ll see.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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