Trying something new – #CoffeeO’Clock

The coffee-drinking culture has somehow evolved over the past few years. There is a growing rivalry with giant chains like Starbucks and Coffee Bean from hipster cafes and local eateries. Perhaps it is due to the rise of KDrama and their Americano. Or maybe we’re all just yawning our way through our daily activities in need of a caffeine boost more regularly. Although Melaka is a small state, it also has its own coffee bubble waiting to be discovered by ….. me. So I am going to call my little coffee exploration project #CoffeeO’Clock.

So far, I have managed to enjoy coffee from a few outlets such as our beloved ZUS Coffee and 434 Kopitiam. My go-to choice is always a coffee latte from ZUS because I find Americano too strong for my taste buds. I was a tad adventurous end of December though and made a visit to Aniss Cafe.


This cafe is located along the AMJ highway. I love the fact that it is easy to find parking and it is not crowded. To be fair, I did go there before lunch hour hence the patrons have not arrived. I ordered a cafe latte, a bowl of Laksa Johor and croffles for dessert. I took my time to devour my meal and felt at ease even though I was alone. The cafe music was pleasant. The aesthetics of the place was so bright, K- Dramaish and welcoming. The Laksa Johor was acceptable but the croffle is super delicious.


Earlier this month I had brunch at Ted’s Coffee. Its adverts often pop up on my newsfeed on Facebook. Hence, I was intrigued to give it a try. The interior of the cafe was painted in a very classic black. The place could do with more decorations and timely background music. It was a bit too quiet when I entered the cafe. The walls were empty with not much to look at and so I had to sink my thoughts into my phone. Here, I ordered a cafe latte and a croissant sandwich. I was dying for a croissant because Instagram made me do it. Ha ha ha. The croissant is too simple for cafe standards – it looked like something I could make at home if I had a croissant in the first place. Maybe they could create a special sauce or some form of ‘different’ cheese to go with it. I did not order desserts for this brunch because I was pressing for time. However, looking at their Facebook page, they do seem to have a variety on display.

Ted’s Coffee was mentioned briefly in this Youtube video of mine. It is admittingly quite a boring video. Ha ha ha.

I have searched for quite a few places to try their coffee for a few months to come. Maybe I will go to one every month or so. This is because I am still watching my calories. Despite the subtle body-shaming and sabotage, it is still a consistent effort on my part. Wish me luck.

The last Youtube video of 2022

My initial target for my budding Youtube channel was to upload 8 videos. I ended up with 24 episodes of my life for the year 2022. There are still a few aspects to polish like creating attractive content, without having to talk or show my face too much. Perhaps blogging is easier. While capturing high-quality photographs too. Ha ha ha.

The theme/word for 2023 is CONNECT.

I have quite a few projects up my sleeve. Very excited about it but anxious at the same time. I did a GAD-2 test to myself and further evaluated myself with the GAD-7. In a way, I do have mild anxiety. The last time I had an anxiety attack, an observable one, was during my pregnancy with my daughter. It was very sudden. I couldn’t really remember what the trigger was but I had palpitations. It was so fast that I got dizzy and nearly fainted in the room. Thankfully I was at home, so I just laid there on the bed taking deep breaths slowly. I took a thyroid function test just to be safe and it was normal.

Anyway, this last YT video is about my stay at Sheraton Imperial KL a few months ago, PRU15 and my last sprint in finishing my OUM assignments.

December is a month to party

Life is always fun all year round. Workwise, it’s about closing on the accounts, updating targets and planning for the new year. I am just excited to get the programmes going for 2023. It is also my final year in OUM although I think I’ll graduate by 2024 cause there is no way I am able to fit in all my subjects in just 3 semesters. Especially when your limit is only 12 credits per semester. I mean once I submit my Industrial Training paper, can I request additional subjects to take?

December started with the WAD celebration at the clinic.

Then it was my son and niece’s birthday bask followed by a farewell party for my 4 other colleagues.

I have my exams next week. And then there will be one final course to organize in the last week of December after another party at my sister’s house on the 25th. Can you feel the joy already?

I bought a chocolate cake for my son. As always from my favourite bakery in Melaka, Italy Cake House. The cake was called Devil Temptation. It was nice, not too sweet or bland. I got him a Portugal jersey and a mini-ball (FIFA vibes). For my niece, I got her a few dresses and hair clips. On Saturday, the whole family went to watch Mechamoto. That requires a different post altogether.

Since I had a Zoom meeting, I couldn’t really join my friend’s farewell from the beginning. But I still get to have the food and join in the games. I wish my colleagues huge good luck in their future endeavours. They are really fun people. My contribution to this farewell is as usual the video part. Gosh… I want to be on the decoration committee next time. ha ha ha. But I actually enjoyed putting the video together. Must start planning for next year’s Doctor’s Day, Awareness Days and Farewells. I super love the green theme for this farewell party. There are lots of colours to explore in the coming years.

Friends at work are getting more creative with their videos which is a delight.. Looking forward to more of these..

Organizing Diabetes Day 2022

Planning and organizing this programme was a learning curve.

Human resource stuff. Funding stuff. Logistic stuff. Part of my miscellaneous task includes printing out certificates, present hunting and creating montage. This is my first time using Canva to create videos. I had no idea you could make one so easily. I am contemplating getting the Pro version. I was swayed to get Spotify Premium just for this event as I wanted background music to always play while participants were registering. So now there’s no more music interruption on Spotify and I can download my tracks to play offline.

One of the most valuable lessons was in communication. Learning how to talk to the boss, and team members (the good and the bad), physical communication, and online communication..

  1. The beginning is always the hardest, once it looks easy, more people want to be part of it.

    2. Teamwork Works when the Core Members are strong

    3. Sometimes you have to be authoritative in your approach.
    Saya nak ni. Saya nak tu
    Sediakan bla bla bla

    4. A multidisciplinary programme requires skills to not only work with the leaders of other units but also to overcome issues pertaining to the Generation Gap. Aged members or those too young may not understand where your ideas are coming from.

    5. Having said that, we cannot change how other leaders choose to run their units. Especially when the practice is ‘ memang biasa kita buat mcm ni’.

    6. Organizing a programme/outreach is fun when you have Money, Human Resources and No Redtapes. Nak pinjam board utk tampal poster promosi pun kena surat seminggu before programme. In the end, I used my Elaun keraian to support the programme. I printed out our own certificates using my trusted Brother printer at home.

    7. Patients can change. Patients can improve with the right psychological state and an appropriate biological intervention

    7. Malaysians enjoy free things – so we prepared mini goodies to bring back home.

    8. To lead means having the skills to delegate – knowing who can do what task. Failure to do so results in the head shouldering most of the responsibilities. For some people we give instructions, and they can carry out and consult back accordingly. Some need to have their work scrutinized with frequent checks.
    Let’s just say that I learned my lesson.

    9. Creativity means different to different people. What you imagine/envision may not be properly interpreted by some. So, if the results are acceptable, you kinda learn to just shut one eye.

    10. Show up and face the challenges
The award recipients and The Team

I submitted our event to the International Diabetic Federation committee for consideration to be featured on their site. We will see how it goes.

With god’s will, we will plan more activities for Hypertension and Asthma next year.

Celebrating doctor’s Day

In Malaysia, Doctor’s Day is celebrated on the 10th of October.

We celebrated our last Friday. Pretty much delayed but still happening. My task was to create a mini-video relating to our team. My initial idea was to create a video introducing our medical officers to their respective portfolios. However, since it can be time-consuming and requires cooperation from the team, I decided to make something simpler. I’d do a montage.

I extracted the audio from a Youtube video. The OST I had in mine was the one from a popular medical series in the 90’s, ER.

Then, I scoured through my collection of videos I have collected of my friends via WhatsApp and my own take. I also had my friends send in their new videos if they want to. I trimmed and arranged the clips in a way that would suit the OST. As for the opening, I searched for the ‘ECG GIF’ and videoed shot it on my screen. I think the outcome is OK for an amateur.

Since this is going to be an annual thing – we’ve got to start planning for it next year. Ha ha.