The Youtube channel for 2022

I think I mentioned some time ago that I have reactivated my YT channel because I shoot videos from time to time for my assignments at Open University Malaysia (OUM). I am getting a grasp of it and still sticking to the so-called silent vlog concept. This means I do not talk much in the video. The main theme is still lifestyle with a sprinkle of OUM. I did think of making OUM my niche vlog but thought that there wouldn’t be much material. Unless I am talented to make my own lo-fi tracks or something. Furthermore, I am not that aesthetic to be in front of the camera and do a Study With Me video.

As we enter May, I am glad to see that I have surpassed last year’s target of making 10 videos per year. I have also made improvements to the titles and thumbnails for the older videos. In fact, I am going for this life series concept – where my life has Seasons and Episodes. I have also put some videos as Unlisted for privacy. These are mainly the final products for my assignments. I still need to improve on the video descriptions. Experts say YouTubers starting out should maximize on keywords and hashtags.

2022 is indeed an interesting year to vlog.