Trying something new – #CoffeeO’Clock

The coffee-drinking culture has somehow evolved over the past few years. There is a growing rivalry with giant chains like Starbucks and Coffee Bean from hipster cafes and local eateries. Perhaps it is due to the rise of KDrama and their Americano. Or maybe we’re all just yawning our way through our daily activities in need of a caffeine boost more regularly. Although Melaka is a small state, it also has its own coffee bubble waiting to be discovered by ….. me. So I am going to call my little coffee exploration project #CoffeeO’Clock.

So far, I have managed to enjoy coffee from a few outlets such as our beloved ZUS Coffee and 434 Kopitiam. My go-to choice is always a coffee latte from ZUS because I find Americano too strong for my taste buds. I was a tad adventurous end of December though and made a visit to Aniss Cafe.


This cafe is located along the AMJ highway. I love the fact that it is easy to find parking and it is not crowded. To be fair, I did go there before lunch hour hence the patrons have not arrived. I ordered a cafe latte, a bowl of Laksa Johor and croffles for dessert. I took my time to devour my meal and felt at ease even though I was alone. The cafe music was pleasant. The aesthetics of the place was so bright, K- Dramaish and welcoming. The Laksa Johor was acceptable but the croffle is super delicious.


Earlier this month I had brunch at Ted’s Coffee. Its adverts often pop up on my newsfeed on Facebook. Hence, I was intrigued to give it a try. The interior of the cafe was painted in a very classic black. The place could do with more decorations and timely background music. It was a bit too quiet when I entered the cafe. The walls were empty with not much to look at and so I had to sink my thoughts into my phone. Here, I ordered a cafe latte and a croissant sandwich. I was dying for a croissant because Instagram made me do it. Ha ha ha. The croissant is too simple for cafe standards – it looked like something I could make at home if I had a croissant in the first place. Maybe they could create a special sauce or some form of ‘different’ cheese to go with it. I did not order desserts for this brunch because I was pressing for time. However, looking at their Facebook page, they do seem to have a variety on display.

Ted’s Coffee was mentioned briefly in this Youtube video of mine. It is admittingly quite a boring video. Ha ha ha.

I have searched for quite a few places to try their coffee for a few months to come. Maybe I will go to one every month or so. This is because I am still watching my calories. Despite the subtle body-shaming and sabotage, it is still a consistent effort on my part. Wish me luck.


The last Youtube video of 2022

My initial target for my budding Youtube channel was to upload 8 videos. I ended up with 24 episodes of my life for the year 2022. There are still a few aspects to polish like creating attractive content, without having to talk or show my face too much. Perhaps blogging is easier. While capturing high-quality photographs too. Ha ha ha.

The theme/word for 2023 is CONNECT.

I have quite a few projects up my sleeve. Very excited about it but anxious at the same time. I did a GAD-2 test to myself and further evaluated myself with the GAD-7. In a way, I do have mild anxiety. The last time I had an anxiety attack, an observable one, was during my pregnancy with my daughter. It was very sudden. I couldn’t really remember what the trigger was but I had palpitations. It was so fast that I got dizzy and nearly fainted in the room. Thankfully I was at home, so I just laid there on the bed taking deep breaths slowly. I took a thyroid function test just to be safe and it was normal.

Anyway, this last YT video is about my stay at Sheraton Imperial KL a few months ago, PRU15 and my last sprint in finishing my OUM assignments.

The vlog on the school holidays

When I made this video, I had a draft in mind of what I wanted to showcase. I wanted to include the little trips I made with both my son and daughter to the ‘viral’ eateries in Limbongan like the keria, laksa and the avocado drinks. But then I thought it’s just too much of a hassle to record the video and keep an eye on the kids simultaneously. The mission was abandoned. Which explains the very few clips I have of us on the beach and at MPO. Shooting a quality video can be exhausting.

It depends though on what type of video you’d like to make on your channel. It’s challenging to find local videos that showcase lifestyle silently. Instead of the loud reviews and banters on the channel. But it’s OK, you do you. Kan?

So here is Episode 16 for season 4. A 7-minute ish video on the school holidays.

Big 10, Fujuk, Haiyana

Posted a mini vlog a few days ago. As a filler to Season 4. Cause the YT Gurus said you need to be consistent in your uploads. So that YT will consider pushing more of my content to others. My target market is not Malaysia, so we will see how it goes. The uploads are getting a bit slow. Momentums are a bit off. I think my challenge now is time and the side stress factors I have to deal with.

Sometimes I ask myself – sure ke nak belajar Psychology nih? What is your endpoint?

Until I remembered Namjoon saying (I think) something about making happiness part of your journey, not an endpoint. Or an ambition. In a way, I should just enjoy the learning process. I should also not look too far ahead. Take it one step at a time. Breaking it into little trips so that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. Kalau nak terus fikir Master and phD tu susah. Statistic tu susah. It will become susah.

I have the Chinese language part of my module currently. Susah ke? Yup. But if I think of all the benefits I would have in learning a new language, it will all be worth it. As long as I persevere and remain consistent.

Ramadhan Staycation at Tan’yaa Hotel

My sister invited the BSP & Melaka clan to join them for Iftar the last 2 weeks. l was looking forward to it because I know that my BIL always cooks the best meals. This time, Mr Husband booked a room at Tan’yaa Hotel in Cyberjaya. It was a one-bedroom suite with a mini living area, office area, kitchen and fridge. Most importantly, there is a microwave that could heat food for Sahur.

We departed from our house at 600pm and stopped by McDonalds near the Ayer Keroh highway. Husband ordered some the new beef foldover for Iftar. Mine has garlic sauce in it – never felt healthier. We performed Jamak prayers once we reached the hotel. The hotel is very near to the DPulze Shopping Centre in Cyberjaya if you’re keen to stretch your legs there and do a bit of 10,000 langkah.

I captured some parts of the room’s interior in this short Youtube video. I think for future room tours, I need to make it longer. Macam tak puas kan tengok..

I brought some instant noodles, oats and bread for our 1st day of Sahur. On the 2nd morning, we ate the leftovers we tapau from the iftar at my sister’s house. The hotel provides in room services for Sahur as well but we thought the price was kinda steep for the amount of food they prepare.

Iftar at my sister’s house was great of course. I cannot wait for Raya!!