Efficient public transport is a dream

For the next few months, I will be stationed at a rural health clinic on a two-weekly basis. The location is an extra 5 km but to be honest, it takes ages to arrive there because of the horrible traffic. It would be really cool if we have this system where the local is able to make its pickups and drop-offs at all the important checkpoints every 10 – 15 mins. Hop-on, hop-off anytime. Politicians obviously have no interest to champion public transport because it’s just not glamorous. Not to mention that it involves a lot of money, inter-agency coordination and brain cells to keep the project running.

If I leave the house at 7am with the kids…after the usual school run, I would normally reach the main clinic by 730am. If left at 715am, I could still reach work before 8am. The distance from the main clinic to the rural clinic theoretically would take me another 7 mins. Unfortunately, due to traffic, I was only able to reach there a few minutes after 8am.

I tried leaving the house at 645am but because it was raining, I still arrived at work late.

I decided to use another route which is a few KM further than the usual route. Guess what, I could arrive before 8 under just a few minutes. This alternative route is however not suitable to use after the afternoon school run.

I dream of the day when there are only buses, monorails, bicycles or motorbikes on the road where it is easy for me to just swipe my card and go anywhere my heart wishes without worrying about the traffic.