Using Kahi Multibalm in Malaysia – am I glowing?

The big question, do I glow with this? Most of time NO. I look like a fish freshly fried in the pan.

I was intrigued by this product when I saw the actress in Taxi use it. Seems that it has been around in South Korea for quite some time. How did I not hear about this before?

Kahi is said to bring on the natural glow to your skin.

Malaysian weather is super hot. Applying it wrongly will make your skin appear oily instead of glowy. Plus, for a tremendous glow effect, you somehow need to have that smooth finish first. It would look somewhat too shiny on a face that looks oily. I believe having a flawless face would help bring out that glow better.

Raving reviews said that you could use it anywhere. Indeed the size is travel friendly and easily fits into a small handbag or clutch. I use mine after zuhr prayers at work on a non-makeup face and at night on days that I don’t plan on using retinol. Simply because I have so many other skincare products to use for my retinol sandwich. This multi balm has a distinct scent. It isn’t really pleasant but not pungent either. It’s the kind of smell that gives you confidence that “this stick will make me younger as it will moisturize my skin with all the salmon benefits!”

Me applying the video during lunch break at work. After my Zuhr prayers on a no-makeup face.