Beauty products I ditched

I am easily influenced. It gets worse with the flooding of adverts and endorsements through social media. Everything is K-beauty nowadays but I have to admit, their products are good. Even then, there were some brands that did not work for me. Mind you, it may work for you but not for me.


RM288.00 (a bundle of 3)

I was smitten by its beautiful packaging and the promise of long silky hair. This was the time when I hadn’t embraced the beauty of having curls. My first thought was the scent was too strong. And that it did not meet my expectations. I am still using it on days when I need a quick wash. But I have since then, gone to the salon and invested in better hair conditioner and cream.



I bought the Sunset Freesia (80ml). I was influenced to get one because of the adverts. I stopped using it after 2 attempts because the scent (again) was overpowering. And of course my hair remained as frizzy as ever.



I purchased the gold collagen/birds nest aqua. It gave me quite a sting at the undereye. It gives you a cool feeling on application but then it hurt me after a few minutes. Maybe, my skin barrier was not optimum at the time. I dare not try it again afterwards though.



I wanted to lighten my hyperpigmented knees and elbows but I did not see any improvements. I then learned that exfoliation and moisturising of the area is a better practice. And I discovered AmLactin on Instagram, as recommended by a Japanese beauty influencer. She said the ammonia in Amlactin does the job better. Give me a few months to give my review on that.



I love foot mask, especially those with that peeling effect. My problem with this mask is that the peel takes too many days to complete. It is irritating to have the dead skin hanging out or sticking to your socks.



I am pretty sure this is a genuine product but why do I feel that the texture’s a bit oily. I mean, it is liquid and it passes through the big hole at the opening quite easily but it feels oily. Perhaps, that is what beauty influencers meant by good hydration? Talking about the hole, are they supposed to be that big? It always catches me by surprise when the fluid comes out. Out of control!

Finally, any W. Dressroom Dress & Living Clear Perfume. Any scent is just a no for me. Just get a proper perfume. While I am aware that the scent does not last long, it does have a peculiar after-effect smell to it.

My list of beauty mask sheets

Ever since this post, I have been more adventurous in using mask sheets from other brands. The list keeps growing. Some sheets like the one from The Saem have thin sheets like Etude House. EKEL’s ones are much thicker. I dislike the ones with honey. The scent is just overbearing. Regardless what brand. It is just not for me.

I use these masks on nights I don’t apply Retinol on my face. Or on days when I have been in the sun for quite some time like gardening or work-related outreach programmes. I bought all of them from various Shopee stores. My favourite so far is a store called Beautybabes. Which ones have you tried? Any favourites?

Some By Mi – glutathione, hyaluron, vitamin

Etude House – Pearl, hyaluronic acid, collagen, madecassoside, white flowers, ceramide, aloe, cherry blossom

TONYMOLY – cucumber, caviar, propolis, blueberry, coconut

EKEL – aronia, red ginseng

Nature republic – chamomile, royal jelly, rose, raspberry

MISSHA – honey, rice

GOodal – raspberry, citron,

THe Saem – pomegranate, argan

INNISFREE – ginseng, lime

A’PIEU – pineapple

Using Kahi Multibalm in Malaysia – am I glowing?

The big question, do I glow with this? Most of time NO. I look like a fish freshly fried in the pan.

I was intrigued by this product when I saw the actress in Taxi use it. Seems that it has been around in South Korea for quite some time. How did I not hear about this before?

Kahi is said to bring on the natural glow to your skin.

Malaysian weather is super hot. Applying it wrongly will make your skin appear oily instead of glowy. Plus, for a tremendous glow effect, you somehow need to have that smooth finish first. It would look somewhat too shiny on a face that looks oily. I believe having a flawless face would help bring out that glow better.

Raving reviews said that you could use it anywhere. Indeed the size is travel friendly and easily fits into a small handbag or clutch. I use mine after zuhr prayers at work on a non-makeup face and at night on days that I don’t plan on using retinol. Simply because I have so many other skincare products to use for my retinol sandwich. This multi balm has a distinct scent. It isn’t really pleasant but not pungent either. It’s the kind of smell that gives you confidence that “this stick will make me younger as it will moisturize my skin with all the salmon benefits!”

Me applying the video during lunch break at work. After my Zuhr prayers on a no-makeup face.

Face sheet beauty mask

I was never a fan of the beauty mask sheet. UNTIL… I saw how much the Jung siblings love using it. That would be 정호석 (J-Hope) and 정지우 (Ji-woo).

I follow Ji-Woo on Youtube and there was one video where she did her night routine skincare regime. She not only applies the mask sheet but also uses the remaining essence on her body which was something I never thought of doing before. Maybe it’s because the sheets I use have a sticky formula that doesn’t feel really nice on the skin. I also learned from her videos the existence of lash serums. Like wow, the beauty trends keep rolling in. And because of her – I bought an eyelash serum too which I use diligently not only on my eyelashes but also on my eyebrows before I go to sleep.

Later on, I found out that J-Hope was also very into skincare. I watched a short clip of Bon Voyage where he brought his masks on these trips and on the recent In The Soop series, he easily slabs a sheet on his face after a day out in the sun. This kind of inspired me to use one as well whenever I have been out working in the garden during the day. Or if after a day working in CAC, fever centre etc. I no longer use these sheets on special occasions only ( which explains why my mask gets expired all the time). I begin to adopt this thinking that the mask is for everyday use to hydrate your skin, to be incorporated into the beauty regime, whenever and however you choose to do so.

As of now, my favourite masks are from Etude House and a specific one from Some By Mi. So far, most sheets from Etude House has a very nice non-sticky formula. I haven’t tried everything as I buy them in small quantities on a monthly basis from a Shopee store called Beautybabes. My recommended one from Some By Mi is the Glutathione mask. This is like my 3rd purchase from the same store. I thought I’d give the Real Vitamin one a try too and see if I like it.

Beautybabes seems to have a lot of options at their online store. I am anxious to try other brands but will consider it once I find great reviews about them. It takes leaps of faith to try something new on the face. Let me know which mask sheet brands you like, ey?