San1 shi2 jiu3

Nowadays with the flooding of news and information on social media, one needs to filter their feed. I have been removing some profiles from my friend’s list on Facebook for reasons such as the;

  • Being inactive or have deleted their profile
  • Not having a recognisable profile pic
  • Pushy MLM gurus. I still keep the non-pushy ones cause well.. they are still friends
  • Having crossed to the dark side of medicine and is very irritating with their posts

I have recently removed a friend because he was accused of a crime. A crime involving modesty and privacy. I was appalled when I found out as he was a very unsuspecting person. In fact, he came from perfect family background. There seems to be a video of him committing the crime and the one who told me said that the resemblance was so uncanny, the location was so relevant and that it was too difficult to say that it was not him. So I removed him from my list of friends until an exact verdict comes out.

It worries me that although I think I accept Friend’s Requests from my circle who I think I know that they are good people – we can never know their true nature. What if they’re wolves under the sheep’s hide?

It is also disappointing for me as I thought I am able to read someone’s character very well. And yet I still kena kencing by patients, friends and family alike. Need to strengthen my psychological strategy. More reading. More application. More interactions.

In the meantime, let me just say a Happy Birthday to Minci. May she be spared from all the pain in the world. That she may remain benevolent and pure. That she may continue to advocate like the INFJ person that she is, always.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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