My PROOF album is here

My parcel from the Weverse Shop is finally here. The PROOF album is finally here and I was wishing very hard that I will get some random Suga pic or something and I got his signed SOEM code card. I also got a Jungkook and a J-Hope. Both the golden maknae and golden Hyung. I feel so lucky. Have been listening to a lot of ‘Hope World’ lately. It lifts up the mood for the whole week. Of course, we also have pics of the other boys too. But can never beat the feeling of scoring a Yoongi card.

I was elated.

I was over the moon.

I was gushing with happiness.

It was a very euphoric experience to pull out such a cute card from the album. I mean Weverse, how did you guys know???

I cannot wait for the weekend when I can focus fully on flicking through the photos and immerse myself in the music. I am aware that we can stream their music on Spotify but to own something so monumental in a boyband’s career is sooooo.. ummphhh.

I recorded a longer unboxing video and planning to compile it into my Special Suga episode on YT.

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