Double cleansing

This was something I just discovered this year. The idea is to clean your face with two different cleansers preferably one of them being oil or a balm and the other being your usual cleanser. This ensures that all the particles from your makeup product or sunscreen are removed thoroughly. For this nightly ritual, I am using these products.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Vanilla

IM UNNY facial wash

SKII facial wash

I don’t use all at the same time but I apply them interchageably. Sometimes I’d use the rice water + im unny combo or rice water + SKII – whichever is to my liking at the time.

At first I was skeptic about this new beauty trend but I soon realized that it does work to remove all impurities undetected with the na-ked eye. I was using this new day cream and I was really confident that I had it all removed for my Zuhur prayers. This is because I have washed it with normal soap and I did not feel or see any obvious residue of the cream. Later in the evening as I returned home and showered, I was surprised to see that the moment I put on the oil, the product of my day cream somehow appeared, it was so white and bright and mixed with the oil. I washed it off and used my other cleanser for the second facial wash.

In a way, I was shocked by the fact that double cleansing is necessary. Ah the same time, it made me wary of the ingredients in my new day cream. Needless to say, I threw the product in the bin as I was worried that it may have suss ingredients. It’s like I know that, that is the original purpose of double cleansing but compared to other products I’ve used, it’s just strikingly in excess to be removed with the oil/balm. It made me wonder if I didn’t apply the face oil first, I wouldn’t know that there are some products still sitting stealthily under the surface of my skin. Perhaps it’s part of the ‘glow’ effect but still……

My mask acne cleared up – finally

Remember my Hermo Haul some time ago? I was on a quest to solve my acne troubles. Well, the problems solved but the star product wasn’t from any of the items I bought. Some of the skin care products helped but you could tell they were more as an adjunct and did not lend any significant improvements to my skin’s condition. I tried and implemented a few new things to my schedule/regime.

Lifestyle changes

  1. Drink more plain water – I am refilling my water bottle more often at work since we have the dispenser machine at the workplace. That helped a lot
  2. Manage time better – sleep better, plan my assignments so I wouldn’t have to cram every single thing in 2 weeks or so
  3. Change my 3 ply mask more often – it is now recommended to double mask to protect ourselves from new, vicious strains.

Self love

  1. I bought loose flowers for myself from this online florist – The Fine Flowers. Staring at the fresh flowers reminds me of my happy days as a medical student. Back then, I got mine from our local supermarket like ASDA. Loose flowers ni kira normal and keperluan utk omputih. In Malaysia, flowers mcm for special occasions je.. hence the steep pricing. Sedeh sis.
  2. Explore good music that uplifts the mood – as you can tell, my current obsession is BTS. If I can get over Take That and NSync when their time comes to part, I am sure I would be able to do the same for BTS. But please, tunggu sis naik 40. ha ha ha.

Invest in good skincare product

For now, from my previous hauls.. I am really loving Goodal’s Vitamin C toner pad and Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask. In fact, I am repeating the order for Goodal although it costs quite a bomb. It’s about RM88 without discount. Which means, another Hermo Haul coming soon. So, what is the star product that managed to solve my mask acne problem. It is actually a Japanese product that most Malaysian women have grown accustomed to. I have used this product before and due to it’s hefty price, decided to switch to a Korean brand. Turns out, these products are superior and well received because they do what they say.

It is SKII.

Sk-ii Pitera Welcome Kit By Sk-ii - 3 Pc 2.5oz Facial Treatment Essence 1oz  Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 0.5oz Rna Radical New Age Cream, 3 Count- Buy  Online in Bahamas at

Bought the welcome kit from an online store

It worked wonders in less than 2 weeks – I was delighted. Even the acne scars have become less pigmented. Throughout using this product, I didn’t use other beauty products, not even makeup except for the facial cleansers. I guess SKII is here to stay until I am 40. It has been giving me a youthful look so far. LOLS.