On my vanity part 3

I love this section of my vanity. The part where everything smells nice and looks very pretty. My husband gave me 2 sets of Elianto products, remember? One set had all the makeup-related things and the other is a collection of perfume, EDT and body mists. You can view some of their stuff in my vlog.

I really have to give a shout-out to some of these Elianto products.

Elianto 24K Gold Ampoule

Ladies, this product really makes your face glow. The kind where it makes you look rich and glamorous. I was super pleased to see the outcome even on a bare face. Maybe it’s those gold flakes.

Elianto My Highland Perfume Mist

Spraying this on you gives off this lady-boss vibe. The fragrance is soft yet masculine. It doesn’t last long though but I love it all the same. The scent lingers for probably less than 4 hours or so. I would definitely repurchase this once it finishes. I read somewhere that this perfumed mist comes in other variations too.

Elianto Lovely Day Perfume Set

My favourite, in particular, is Cloudy but the rest smells great too. It comes in a nice little box, perfect as a gift!

TOCCA Mini Discovery Set

My favourite perfume used to be Ralph Lauren Style but it’s not produced anymore. Apart from the nice scent, I think I loved it because it has sentimental value. It was a gift from one of my best friends I call Mimie. I still keep the bottle and the very little volume it has left at the bottom. It is a scent I go back to from time to time whenever I miss her or my time back in Manchester.

My husband gifted me with a few perfume brands when we got married. My sister too but none of them have managed to topple down RL Style from its throne yet. Which makes me open to the idea of trying as many perfumes as I can. I am not loyal to anything yet.

Recently I purchased TOCCA. To be honest, I have never heard of the brand before but it looked so cute on Shopee. The trial set looked so aesthetic that I needed to get my hands on it. They have very subtle scents and it doesn’t last that long. Mine lasts for less than 2 hours which makes me doubt its authenticity.

SIMONE – Highlights: Watermelon, frangipani, ylang ylang. It has a very fresh smell to it. The kind that you would use after a shower having completed a strenuous gym session or a heavy day at work. After the shower, you prepare a meal and just lounge in the living room with Netflix and your partner. I really like this one.

FLORENCE – Highlights: Bergamot, pear, gardenia. This one has a Spa vibe to it. Almost like a Balinese spa. It’s like I just came back from the spa kind of smell.

STELLA– Highlights: Blood Orange, Freesia, spicy lily. I would wear this to a funeral. You know how you hug people to comfort them? I believe the Stella hug has a fairy godmother/grandmother-ish comfort to it.

COLLETE – Highlights: Bergamot, sandalwood, pink peppercorn. I would use Collete if I have to attend a meeting dominated by men. You kind of blend in with the masculine scent. It’s like no one would notice there’s an XX in the room.

MAYA – Highlights: Wild Iris, blackcurrant, patchouli heart. This is my least favourite as I am not a fan of fruity scents. If you want to smell like Ribena, go ahead.

GIULIETTA – Highlights: Pink tulips, green apple, vanilla orchid. Another one which I do not prefer. Maybe it’s the apple. It’s like someone will put me in the blender and make me a human smoothie sort of thing. It just doesn’t work for me. I guess fruity scents work for bubbly personalities who emits the joy and fun in the world. Maybe those in the younger age group would love it.

GIA – Highlights: Pink peppercorn, tangerine, Turkish rose. I would wear this to a dinner date where there’s steak on the menu or to the opera. It’s very phantom of the opera-ish. I need a masquerade mask for the perfect OOTD.

CLEOPATRA – Highlights: Grapefruit, Jasmine, Vanilla musk. Smells like a woman with power. The power to do anything you want with a headache. I honestly cannot stand the smell. It’s too powerful for me.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. for me, I would get the Simone in a bigger bottle if available.