An attempt at #mincibento

I am a fan of anything or anyone close to Kawaii (cuteness). That I have to constantly remind myself ,

“Minci..for gods sake. You are 31. Not 3”

I tried to tone down in allowing myself to be carried away with Kawaii-ness. I used a proper black Faber Castell Ball Pen 1423 1.0 although I am dying to use a ballpen with cute little trolls sitting at the edge when clerking my patients. I recently purchased 2 pairs of court shoes on sale (buy 2 for MYR80) despite wanting to parade around the whole Casualty Unit with striking heels heavily adorned with flowers and buttons. I wear proper professional clothing fit for the budaya koprat thingy as opposed to a gothic- lolita like dress with purple lipstick in the Red Zone.

An account on Instagram for the past few months however, shone an alternative way to channel these Kawaii-ness tendencies in a healthy, adult-y manner. I mean look at those adorable planners with stickers, the mind-blowing arrangement of books, the intricate designs of colourful cakes and pastries .. and my recent obsession; Bento Meals!

Bento Meals which not only looked cute but presumably healthy at the same time. I have to admit, it does require a hint of talent and creativity to produce such masterpiece! And it made me wonder and actually tried to korek that bit of bakat which I hoped is there. I know its there somewhere. Please.. I want to make my own bento..

Since I am on leave today. I decided to give it a go with the little tools I have and ones I manage to find from Daiso. Imagine this was Japan, I could get euphoric from the many available kits they sell there!

Recipe : Beef Rice with Beef Kurma Kismis

Inspired from Chef Hanieliza’s 1 hari 1 Resepi book ..

tweaked to suit the palate of a Sarawakian and her toddler.


A child version VS an adult version. ironic how the kids set looks bigger.. and heftier.

Recently Updated12

Followed by dessert : Corn and Raspberry Ice Cream served in a halved-cone with sprinkles.

Recently Updated13

Looking forward to making more #mincibento. Hehe..

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