.. of ikon belia

If someone is nominated as Ikon Belia – you would expect that person to be kind of famous and is contributing something extraordinary to the Belia nation.

Recently I had to not only Google Ikon Belia – I also had to Google “Who is Dato N ? and her contibutions”

I am already struggling to find a proper website or page that lists down the names of Ikon Belia each year. Now I’m not quite sure if this is a formal recognition or just a title you give somebody when you introduce them on TV. I even went to the extent of putting ‘define: belia’ in the search box. Even then regardless of popularity, since mainstream media nowadays somehow love celebrities more than real news, an icon should be someone who when we read about them, makes you say ‘wow’ and want to find out more of what they do.

And they may not need be someone who is a doc like Dr Amalina the genius child who studied medicine in Edinburgh , or prominent names in sports like Dato Nicol David or Pandalela Rinong or Farah Ann although that is like glaring icon material to the face – It can be those 3 young gentleman who tours around the country cleaning madrasahs and suraus. They could be someone like Syed Azmi who advocates kindness and charity. Sometimes a simple person like the lead singer of Caliph Buskers can be an icon as well. And let’s not forget the husband and wife team of Bella Ammara or Fashion Valet. Did you think it was easy to build an empire and franchise yourself? Thou shalt not also discard Khairy Jamaludin who is not a Dato by the way but at his ‘belia’ age is already a minister front page model and a good one (so far) at it too.

These are people who manage to achieve extraordinary success despite their ordeals and limitations. Most importantly their success gives a positive ripple effect to other people. If you succeed on your terms but only benefit yourself – that is not an icon. You should be able to inspire at least a small community let alone the whole country. You should be able to give back to the rakyat in your own way. Be it through glory, dignity or visible aid.

So here I am trying to understand this twisted world.

While she said the recognition was a gift – shouldn’t you give it back if you think you don’t deserve it. Or if giving back is not an option, shouldn’t you validate that gift and vow to do more so it is deemed worthwhile and meaningful?

Instead, you chose the road not taken which is heading towards a ditch.

I strongly acknowledge and believe that as human beings we are susceptible to mistakes and wrongdoings. But to strip it bare and parade it to the public? Surely ikon belia resonates positivity and greater good. Why would you want to play the ‘its personal’ card when already your life and your family’s is already an open book? lets hope the next chapter becomes more promising instead of cheap entertainment. I’d rather buy Eh! magazine if that’s the case. A second chance maybe for Dato N?

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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